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Jan 25, 2005

Art of Aurevoir

Bye" you say. The others say "Bye". And you look at the time. You want to leave, but its rude when others have taken the trouble to come to send you off to just walk off and hope they too walk off too. So you stare around, and then you think of "take care". A kid says something you nod. And look around. You dont want to look at the time. No don't do that. That will be rude. You look at someothers saying bye. There is a politician saying bye to his party workers. And what a crowd! Better not stare at that, then those who want to say bye to you will think you want attention like that. A sad look from one who said bye to you. You are touched. But what do you say? Has everyone you know, arrived to say bye to you. Should you wait a little longer and say bye to them too? Or is it ok to ask those who have come now to convey your byes to the latecomers.

Millions of people travel everyday. So how do they manage to spend those minutes. What do they talk after the bye. How do they time it? Is it better to just walk off after a bye and not look back? Well the art of aurevoir has avoided me.

So you hang around, waiting to leave, knowing you will leave. Wanting to sometimes say more than a bye, and end up saying just bye. And then the kid asks you but you have said bye now for the 10th time!

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