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Jan 25, 2005

Tempting Top Jobs

Tempting Top Jobs
Tempting Top Jobs
A Poll among zodiacs on which is the most Tempting Top Job
President. Sorry reserved for Leos by their own popular demand
Vice President. Huh someone notices them?
Prime Minister Might get things done, but not an easy task to get even a small task done.
Coalition leaders . The real core power centre? And can do a la Amma and support different party during different election. Hmmm Geminis?
Leader of Opposition : Just criticise, hmmm criticise some more and try to make the government fall on their own ? Hmmm Scorpions
Forget PM content to be CM .Naidu style. (Never mind now an ex CM)
Super PM. (Aka Gandhi family or RSS nominee/ head ) Again another power center ? But will have to constantly deny being a power centre (Except Balasaheb) Hmmm no ways Leos, whats the point if we can't even brag.
Speaker Sorry doesnt mean you should speak but decide who should speak etc Hmmm cant say tempting trying to regulate some...
Supreme Court Justice, Librans is this tempting or being a retired Supreme Court Judge, heading a commission more tempting ? Cabinet Secretary etc : Executive is important too.
Army Chief (Not the technical head like the President. or a literal head like in Pakistan)
Other Topjobs which will be tempting can be mentioned.
PS : Please note everyone likes million dollars and this poll is about Perceived Power of a Post not money making posts and careers.
Poll Status
President : Reserved for Leos. Applications :from 4 Leos. Nominations received : Leo (Libran Busybee, should be reserved for the Leos, lazy and not too brilliant, as the prez does not really have to use his brains. ) Dont have to use brains doesnt mean one doesnt have brains bee :)
Vice President : Forgotten
Prime Minister : Libra (An application from Libran busybee reason All brains and adminstrative abilities, & diplomatic also, so can handle a coalition better. Librans are just the folks who could insult diplomatically) .Nominations received : None.
Coalition Leader : Application : None, Nominations : None
Super PM : Applications : None Nominations : None
Speaker : Applications : None Nominations : Aries or Gemini (from Libran Busybee because they have just the ability to tackle others verbally. Few could match these on a verbal duel.) Though in Parliament its not just verbal duel, chairs and mikes do fly sometimes.
Home Minister : Applications : None Nominations : Taurus (by Libran Busybee for reasons unknown)
Finance Minister : Applications : None . Nominations : Cancer (Cancer since perceived by busybee to be good at making and hoarding money) Hmmm Opinion polls attract service taxes, if a Cancer becomes FM will even blog polls attract service tax?
Defense Minister : Applications : None . Nominations : Scorpio (by Libran busybee Superb tacticians and fearless)
Supreme Court Justice : Applications : Libra (Busybee no reasons submitted) Nominations None. Controlling Judiciary and Executive. The perfect balance?
Cabinet Secretary : Application : None, Nominations : None
Army Chief : Application : None, Nominations : None

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