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Jan 25, 2005

The fantastic first lines

Have you watched anyone prepare for their first date. When you want to grind your teeth and yell, its no big deal, stop fussing. But still you have to be polite and say "Wonderful", "Beautiful"etc etc. Tough isn't it? I will tell you what is tougher. Its getting ready for the first date. You want to make a fantastic impression and your best friend is just not helping you .
Writing the first few lines in the blog, is feeling something similar to that.You want to dazzle the readers with your wit and wish that they would be impressed and will bookmark the page and await with eagerness nowadays reserved for J.K.Rowling; the next posting. But the muse refuses. And you are left staring at the screen till the screensaver makes the appearance.Therefore instead of waiting for the big idea, the best one liner, and spending months over preparing for that, I thought i will begin NOW. Because one of my favourite lines is " Do what you have to do tommorrow today, because if you like it , you can do it again tommorrow

Know the 4 baskets, Urgent and Important, Not Urgent and Not Important, Urgent and Not Important, and finally Not urgent and Important. Make a list of the things which you think are not urgent but important. And set a time frame to do it. and finally Do It!
PS :If you think this is lousy & want to post a comment elaborating on the same, just put that idea in the not urgent not important list.

(posted in on Sept 4 2004

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