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Jan 25, 2005

Sai Baba maybe a Godman, but BBC is God

Muse : "You have been given a good idea by Adi (in a comment on the post “Thankfully no one reads this blog“), and you were thinking about it whole day, yesterday. Go ahead. write about it."

Self : "You mean re Sai baba!"

Muse : "Of course! (idiot ! why do i have to work with such a stupid person!" (David Dhawan would have been a better choice, or (sobs) even Dev Anand))

Self : "Well I saw the World Uncovered programme on BBC yesterday. The problem is I can't find anything funny in it. Except the Murli Manohar Joshi part of course. You know I hate him, in fact more than Moore hates Bush. But he is not a cabinet minister & there is no fun in making fun of him. Its like flogging a dead cockroach. "

Muse : (Grinding teeth) "The programme wasn't about Joshi it was about Sai Baba."

Self : "Well ok. I thought Saibaba was a good man. But now Ii am not sure. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But no man or godman is above law. And if there is a petition to be signed to investigate the accusations, i will sign it . But i am not going to taunt all those who are still his devotees and say "ha ha you have been fooled"

Muse : "I wish you worked for the Brit tabloids"

Self : "Huh ?"Muse : "They will be out of business in a day. "

Self : "Well I told you earlier, I admit I am not good at writing. But I love writing. Of course it will be nice if someone read it and said i write funny stuff. .."

Muse : "Yeah yeah i know. i heard you talking to your husband today morning. You are not good at cooking, but you love to cook for him. And though you don't know how to even spell Chinese, you want to cook Chinese for him and even though the poor guy doesn't complain, it will break your heart if he doesn't appreciate the food... (are you sure you weren't confusing the Chinese torture recipes with Chinese food recipes?) Tell me, you were good at those goody goody stories and posts on what people can do to make the world a better place. And few did read them. Why the sudden switch to this "funundersun". If you can't cook Chinese, get a book on Chinese cooking. Why start with experiments on what may be Chinese cooking?"

Self : "Oh I got tired of people thinking that those who are involved with causes are either super rich cool movie stars or nerds who can't sell even a pen and therefore end up making everyone feeling guilty about having even basic stuff like pizza and pepsi.""But i wasn't worrying about Sai Baba yesterday. I was just wondering if I would have believed it, if it had come in another news channel. A tabloid or its TV equivalent, say fox news." (Something like if my Chinese food was served in a Chinese restaurant, the assumption would have been "I don't like Chinese cooking" not , "are u sure this is Chinese food, this seems to be Chinese torture." And going further on that , why do we think that food cooked by a Chinese is authentic Chinese cooking. (and for that matter that Chinese look chef could be a nepali )and where does it say that all Chinese, cook good Chinese food?)

Muse : " Enough of Chinese. Lets talk about Fox.I like fox news. They have imagination , especially when it comes to news.. And fox channel has useful medical programs like Swan."

Self : "Perhaps it would have been better if NDTV had done it. Sort of hurts to have a foreigner do it. But anyway i trust BBC"

Muse : "So Saibaba maybe a Godman, But BBC is God?"

Self : "Well Gandhiji said Truth was God, And today BBC , NDTV, Times of India, Indian Express, Outlook etc stands for truth and trust. Whom do we trust, not the politicians, or the teachers or doctors, leave alone the engineers. And simply forget the lawyers. I have absolute faith in media. Of course not all of them. But some of them. "

Muse : "I know its none of my business. Isn't "only my sect knows about God", similar to "only the channels I like and only the newspapers I read, know and tell the truth?" “And is it ok, when the acceptance of the message, depends on ,who the messenger is ?"

Self :"I thought you were my muse, not my conscience."


  1. Again a very nice piece of writing. Please don't beat yourself about being a bad writer, I think you are really funny and novel. And the ideas you choose to deal with are really varied and interesting.
    Also, I am sure you are an excellent Chinese cook too, so please don't beat your head against the wok of self esteem-annihilation.

  2. :)) this was posted in o3, after I posted Thankfully no one reads this blog (ok i had just posted 2 posts earlier:D)and i was called a loser for that.

    and since i had seen the prg and felt strongly, wrote this.
    it did get featured in indiatimes, but i think most didnt realise my point:( it wasnt just about Saibaba, it was about BBC too:)

    Thanks for your comments:)

  3. Hi,
    This seems to be an old article that I accidently stumbled upon while searching something. I am not sure if you are going to read this comment as its pretty old. But i hope you will.

    So looks like you know of some work that Sai Baba has done for the past few years for the people in India. You might or might not know, that all he teaches and preaches is to be good, and to do good.

    In India, when someone helps us, even the worst politician, we say he is god like. So do you think you can do the same for Sai Baba?

    Also, we are living in a Scientific age. Generally we tend to investigate about any issue, before we believe in it. So do you think may be a little investigation into what Sai Baba will be helpful??? Why you might ask...I'll tell you. For example if Sai Baba is not god or lose nothing....but if he is....imagine the repentance you will go through for not even trying to go and see him, leave alone worshipping him.

    Also remember, time has proved again and again that great men always have enemies. Even Lord Krishna had enemies. He was nailed to a cross. So what do you really like to believe.

    Let me know if you want to find out more.


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