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Jan 26, 2005

When donkey deserves a kick

When the donkey deserves a kick
Muse : So when i speak to self is it wise donkey or gayathri
Self : Well both, but you can assume gayathri since thats the name everywhere
Muse : I liked the wise donkey better. I am wise and you are the donkey.
Self : Think whatever you want. I took it only because I happened to have an url called kick. And I am big fan of the donkey in Shrek. But this is not about the donkey name, its about other bloggers.
Muse : Excuse me, but is it wise, what if you offend someone?
Self : Well I am doing this because of a request from a blogger. And I dont intend to offend anyone, but if I do, I will apologise, and hope people out there are not like me who will remember and sulk.
Muse : Hmmm shall we start with Quetzal. Why Quetzal is your favourite blogger.
Self : I liked the name. And generally found the comments interesting. But I
didnt understand a bit about the Psycho babble. And Quetzal remembered my anniversary and sent a care, when I had just mentioned it casually in Terrific blog and also remembered Terrific wedding date. Since I remember all the birth dates etc, nice to see someone similar

Muse : Well Bee is your definite favourite among comments
Self : Yeah bee is not just my favourite but I think a favourite among all bloggers. I still grin when I think of her "axe effect". I really envy her ability to reply coolily. And she can be little cheeky too. She is really my idea of ideal human.

Muse : Well Rage isnt :)
Self : Well of all the idiotic things, being a Leo makes a difference I guess. I already have a fan page for him so dont want to add more. But he can be sarcastic sometimes, which i really enjoy. I remember his comments to O3blogs on the number of votes in the poll, it
still makes me smile and he did say he thought eye donation a noble gesture and now I am his sister... Sigh if only he wouldnt disagree on the Indian Muslim part ...

Muse : xxx is going to be upset that you mentioned Rage after bee
Self : Well he should be glad that I am not doing it alphabetically then he would be the last. Well he is my other brother. Nice chap (which would be hotly disputed by almost everyone) but he has a quirky sense of humour. And bee has a sobering effect on him. Ironically both my brothers believe in abusing someone who enters the blog world, abusing each other most of the time and posting song lyrics.

Muse : You had to apologise when you said adi and xxx were one or lost twins etc.
Self : Hmmm well you never know. But adi is special blogger to me. I wrote 3 blogs and didnt get a reply and I was about to leave the blog world for good so
posted the blog Thankfully no one reads this blog. Then adi posted a comment saying I am a loser. Well it just angered me for giving up and wrote the BBC blog and well here I am..And when I look back on the nearly 5 digit internet bill, that perhaps Adi would have a better life:) because of my blog on smoking does make me think I have done something. And though Adi irritated me a lot, when I got the vote from him for the poll, I was really very touched. Sort of full circle, the guy who calls you a loser, votes for you.

Muse : Too many polls, according to pramod
Self : Well yeah I do get carried away. Pramod's by line would be call spade a spade. Well he does, and people respect him for that. Would be nice if he would increase his number of posts though.:) Whatever he writes its sincere and interesting and balanced. When I start wondering about whether I am overreacting, I
will look at busybee and pramod for the balanced view to compare mine with. And of course he also likes cricket :) I liked his idea of chatroom blog today a lot. And I am relying on him to tell me when I do something idiotic. :)

Muse : Mihir the note, writes balanced posts
Self : Yes. All his posts are interesting and unbiased. Wish he would comment more. Generally I hate reading posts on cricket, they are just too shrill. But whether its politics or cricket, Mihir is unbiased and fair.

Muse : But you wouldnt say the same for dejavu
Self : No way! I was browsing through some October blogs and found that many were from dejavu. I dont how, but our views never match. And boy did he irritate me by deleting my comments on the homosexuality blog. But later he allowed them but, then didnt reply and I must have checked that blog for the 100th time in couple of days to see
if he had posted a reply. Hmmm maybe I should check one more time again. And with posts like the one on divorced couple and Ash, mother India. Never mind, he is a Leo too :)

Muse : Being a Leo helps on O3. After all if dejavu and rage had been aries I bet you wouldnt have written this. And perhaps there wouldnt have been harmony.
Self : Well may be its true. Well we owe this to Preppy. Herself a Leo. Though again she is another one who I wish would blog more often. Met her alter ego today. Muse dont ever mess with preppy's alter ego. I forgot to check with her regarding pets.

Muse : Speaking of Leos arent you forgetting the Taurus God
Self : Well he has shifted to spaces. But hopefully will visit o3 too. His favourite pic is of the cat which got killed by the curiousity. And seems he is good at Chess too. Well I dare not speak anything negative about him otherwise
I will rot in hell according to Him

Muse : There seems to be another God, who says God doesnt exist
Self : Yes Gladiatrix (hope I got the spelling right). I thought I was going to create a record in o3 by posting long comments. She will beat that record easily. All hail the Gladiatrix and please dont compare me with her, she will throw you to the lions.

Muse : Why is your attitude towards Wizard hostile. As if you want to throw him to the lions
Self : Well compliments are essential for Leos but flattery is a big no no. One of the other main reason for choosing the donkey was because I was called a genius who has to be in planning commission. I perceive it as the most offensive insult addressed to me. Enough about Wizard.

Muse : Speaking of insults, surely you must have been suprised when max supported you in domlady blog when rahul made an offensive
Self : Frankly I was suprised by others response too. Busybee of course will speak against abusive comments always. Rage and xxx moral responsibilities of brotherhood perhaps :) but yeah max was a pleasant suprise. But seems there are 2 Max in O3 and I am yet to figure out which one I should thank. And he is from aamchi Mumbai, so another connection :)
And this blog is because of his request.

Muse : Kalpesh is another blog you like
Self : Yes. I loved his 5 stages of drunkeness. One of the best posts I have come across and since it was topical it was too good :) But he also doesnt comment a lot on all blogs. Time I guess.

Muse : Speaking of time even Ayub mentioned it.
Self : Yes.Seems he blogs from browsing center and he gets irritated when he check my sify blogs and finds its filled with stuff I had written a month earlier on O3. But I rarely
visit his post, since its filled with photos. Though I cant see them, I am assuming it wont be in my taste. But then he suddenly writes about Bhopal stuff too. Well he doesnt care to represent the Indian Muslim and though I disagree with him on that, its none of my business.

Muse : Speaking of tastes, what about Crazy fellow's khaasbhaat
Self : Well I did read some and did post my comments. You could say some posts to be about sex education and well why not. Of course I would also write about safe sex etc. But then who will read.

Muse : Well speaking of reading, seems xxx didnt read sunny's blog because he thought it could be by Freedom
Self : Freedom, well I had high regard for him earlier but sometimes he can be amazingly childish when it comes to deleting comments etc. But I admire him for posting about his bisexuality and trying to write something different. I
disagree with him for deleting comments by Wgaf

Muse : Wgaf hmmm. One month you seemed to be agreeing with everything he says and the next month disagreeing .
Self : Well it depends on the topic. We both dislike Congress but when it comes to other stuff we agree to disagree.

Muse : Speaking of disagreeing , the one person who always seems to disagree with you, Mann
Self : Well, again I guess it depends on the topic. Other than mann I cant think of anyone whom bee dislikes, and it sorts of validates my dislike. But then he is just another blogger who has a different point of view. And who knows there could be some topic we both might agree on.

Muse : A person you like even though you might not agree.
Self : Well shadyman. I dont remember all his posts at the moment. But mostly its stuff that I like to read. But was it tough trying to convince him on the
love topic!

Muse : I wasnt talking about shady I was talking about Rumandcoke
Self : Well rumandcoke, is witty. A pity he doesnt post often. It cant be because of lack of ideas.

Muse : Speaking of ideas, Jay is it.
Self : Yes I do read his posts. But he has never commented outside his posts to my knowledge. Other bloggers like him are RkSharma,yossarin,delhi diva, Ravikumar Shinde,m flying. I think its not fair to write about them as they wouldnt be able to read it.

Muse : But you should write about Delhi diva!
Self : Well now I just read the first and last line of her posts. I find it boring when people do not reply to your comments.

Muse : Well its better than over reacting to your comments
Self : Rahul or Miseema? Well Rahul I have posted my reply in his blog. But must point out that as wise donkey I also said when he asked about women
in sari, jeans etc that just because he would react in the same way to a woman in a dress which was also worn by his sister and a manequin, doesnt mean all would react in the same manner. He certainly didnt abuse the "wise donkey"like he abused "gayathri" id for ask your mother regarding the way women dress.
Re.Miseema, well I am amazed. Mentioned as a lawyer and I went and wrote a big comment on how nice to have a lawyer blah blah blah and then asked for some advise, so I gave then I was amazed to find being accused of thing and being asked if I would want to be a lesbian partner. Well no more comments from me on any of Miseema's blog. Though I did wish the urls wouldnt be wasted.

Muse : Another person who uses multiple urls, commonsense.
Self : Muse have you mentioned your caste and age, its important for commonsense to know it before your statments are judged:) I
thought the bike post by commonsense would be the only one I wouldnt post a comment on..

Muse : Speaking of posts you dont read..
Self : MarcoPolo by lonelyaztec. She is one of my favourite bloggers. Has a good sense of humour when it comes to her posts in lonely aztec. But when I read her travel blog, one gets frustrated. So only when I have time for vactions will I read her travel blog.

Muse : OK lets move on to a rapid fire round. Another of your favourite bloggers
Self : Poonababe, though she is not that frequent nowadays. Dunno why.

Muse : Latest friend
Self : Colors. Though why she likes watching scary movies beats me.

Muse : Latest blog discovery
Self : Sunny is a female and is the writer of the Conficius blog. I loved sunny's comments especially in quetzal blog. my favourite is the one in response to why men cant fly. And sunny can
give me and doggy company in Spaces

Muse : Blogger who has a good blog elsewhere
Self : Hima in blogspot. Though I visited it only once. It was impressive.

Muse : Blogger you miss
Self : Terrific . But wouldnt want him to blog now either. Let him enjoy his honeymoon.

Muse : Bloggers you wonder about
Self : Rachana, Maharaja, deleted their blog for reasons i cant understand. Prajith Nair no more comments from that id. lost soul no comments or posts

Muse : Bloggers who are back
Self : Sapphire, looking forward to more. DJ came back and has now gone?

Muse : Bloggers you have forgotten to mention and who are going to be mad at you.
Self : With Sam likes my wise donkey version more I think. Was much encouraged by his comment. Myspace has a blog but I remember only the latest posts and not much of personal history between us. Techj, I
actually dont remember much of his posts, remember the bangalore one though. And I was shocked when he mentioned me in the Wolf blog as one of the person to meet and still wonder a bit if its a hidden joke :)

Muse : Last but not the least
Self : The O3 editor. .I might disagree with you. But I am grateful to know you are back. Atlast the O3 features have changed. Hurray!!!!!!!

PS : All the views are biased and if it doesnt match the reality all I can say is the donkey deserves a kick sometimes. :)

The first kick. Self : Muse a correction. Atheism post was not by Gladiatrix. Gautam it could be but Gautam commented on that post and said disagreed with the post. So cant say for sure its Gautam. Lets forget that post. The important point is the comment posting capablity of Gladiatrix. So I will still say Hail the Gladiatrix

The second kick. I
wanted to mention ipex123 who had reads but doesnt comment, and believes for some weird reason commenting requires skills :)

posted by Wise Donkey on O3

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