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Jan 29, 2005



It is estimated that one billion people in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition. That's roughly 100 times as many as those who actually die from these causes each year.

About 24,000 people die EVERY DAY from hunger or hunger-related causes. This is down from 35,000 ten years ago, and 41,000 twenty years ago. Three-fourths of the deaths are children under the age of five.

Famine and wars cause about 10% of hunger deaths, although these tend to be the ones you hear about most often. The majority of hunger deaths are caused by chronic malnutrition. Families facing extreme poverty are simply unable to get enough food to eat. The Hunger Site began on June 1, 1999.

Please remember to click every day to give help and hope to those with nowhere to turn. Every click counts in the life of a hungry person - from


  1. Ok, when i first came across the nik (wise donkey) i was a bit cautious, cause my teachers from skool always said the opposite. but after reading the post, i will rethink my assumptions :)
    I think every one can start by NOT WASTING food. I see this like all time hotels, food chains etc. Even i have been guilty of it at times, but someone made me aware of not wasting and am wiser now.
    No make this check next time when u order or prepare food.
    (oh btw yeah i did click on the site :)

  2. Hi gaya, xxx here, your o3 blog on the same topic does not accept comments

  3. hi gaya
    i am lost in keeping track of ur blogs
    please provide a list of ur blogs

  4. not sure who wants to know on my blogs
    well u can keep checking this blog.
    if u r from o3, then i dont post only on issues there.

    in couple of days i will update my blog list so u can check in that too for past blogs

    thanks for asking

  5. hi gayathri, vaibhav here.
    I believe that whatever u have posted is really nice and certainly one shud put in a thought to it..

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