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Jan 25, 2005

Stylish and Sensitive not Sissy but Sauve

Make way for the New Age Male, Metrosexual Male.

Why should only women have it all? Why shouldn't a man care about how he looks, and take care of his looks? Who says men who care about beauty must be gay? Are they New Age Men or Men who have taken a cue from the Lions and Peacocks and gone primitive? If a woman can wear pants and still be feminine, why can't a man wear skirts or sarongs and still be masculine? (Hey forget the Scots, didnt Indian men wear lungis?) And is Metrosexual Male just a male who wears feminine stuff, like make up and sarongs? No. The Metrosexual Male is not just about what he Wears, but also about what he Does and more importantly Why he does.

And who said boys don't cry. Why shouldn't one express emotions instead of bottling them inside. And whats the harm in crying for help if one needs it? If he faces sexual harrassment at office, he will act against it too. Who said men care about only about sex, in any form? And its not about competing with women for "rights",he can do the "duties" with elan too. He cares for his kid and thinks its cool to change nappies too! And woos his mate, not just by taking her to a fancy restaurant but by cooking at home and being proud of it too! And And who says only women can become a homemaker or a stay at home parent? He can compromise at times on career, for her too!

The New Age Female isn't a Superwoman who can manage office and home on her own, and is not ashamed of admitting it either.And is the Metrosexual Male her ideal partner, even if he could compete with her for the mirror? Hmmm will there be ads mentioning Metrosexual Male seeks a life partner? of Female seeks Metrosexual Male life partner? Will the New Age Female prefer him? Well time will tell.

In India, though men are more conscious about some cosmetics, they do go easy on the make up part. Though we may not have a Beckham, remember the Raymond man who proves he is cool, not by having ten gorgeous models running after him, but by taking care of a kid.

The Metrosexual Male is not about wearing and doing what others don't think is masculine, or wearing and doing Only what others think is feminine, but doing what he enjoys & still remaining Masculine. Men who prefer Self belief to Sterotypes, Men who think if they are Stylish or Sensitive, they are not being Sissy but being Sauve.

posted on Monday, November 22, 2004 1:55 PM in O3

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