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Jan 26, 2005

5 minutes

Unicef says Every Day Every Minute a woman dies while giving birth?
Should there be so many deaths for the births? Is this a preventable
Well it seems preventable when we divide the figure between developed and
developing nations
Maternal mortality rate in developing nations is 1 in every 13 woman while
in developed nations its 1 in every 4100 women

Lets forget the world and talk about India. Surely our stats would be
better.It isnt

Almost two-thirds of Indian women, mostly living in villages, give birth at
home. More than half of this country�s women are anemic and only 20 percent
of mothers receive all the required components of prenatal care. One out of
six women who give birth are between the ages of 15 and 19.

Every five minutes, an Indian woman dies from complications related to
pregnancy and childbirth, adding up to more than 100,0000 deaths a year, one
of the highest rates in the world.

Every 5 minutes a woman dies while giving birth.
And why dont we spend on healthcare
Well we have to ask our minister.
But why will the minister care
when you dont care

What is the value of our life, if we dont respect the process which gives

Motherhood should be about life, not death.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, spend atleast 5 minutes for this issue.
It might be just 5 minutes in your life to you. But 5 minutes is all it
takes before another Life dies. An Indian woman who dies while giving birth.

Lets not expect others to care when we dont show we care. Care to spend 5

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