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Jan 25, 2005

Why Pappu

Why Pappu
Pappu, a Hindu, 22 year old cable television operator, came from Azamgarh in UP, in October 1992, to Mumbai to look for work. He had been working for a cable television firm since then, installing cables in buildings.
On January 10th,1993, at 8 am, Pappu went to Kamathipura to buy some cigarettes. About 12 Hindu boys surrounded him and asked him his name. When he told them, they began to assault him with knives and choppers. Pappu ran to a private car and asked the driver for help; the driver took him to JJ Hospital. He said several policemen watched him being attacked but took no action. To my knowledge, he probably didn't die but, told journalists that he planned to return to Azamgarh, as he was too scared to continue living in Mumbai.
But why was Pappu a Hindu sliced with swords by other Hindus? I have omitted a small detail. He had a beard which made him “look like a Muslim”
If Pappu had been a Muslim, he probably deserved it according to some. If his attackers had been Muslims, that just Muslim violence according to some. And if he and his attackers both had been a Muslims, it just would illustrate Islamic intolerance to some.
Of course there would be another group who would be happy to use this incident to generalise against Hindus.
A community attacking a member of their own community during a riot, is definitely an odd incident. In my opinion, during all riots the attackers are blood thirsty criminals, and victims innocent Indians. This incident just highlights, what I think is obvious.

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