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Jan 25, 2005

When Wife Becomes Sister

Wannabe writer : "Boss, imagine the title "Fight Sonia, fight."

Boss (one of the top script writers) "Maharashtra results are out? Anyway someone is making a film on Sonia. Why another film on her. I told you to think about a story for a romantic commercial film, not a documentary or whatever.."

Wannabe : "No Boss. This about another Sonia. Remember the Village story with the caste panchayats as the bad guys, another similar incident in Haryana. The Khaap Panchayat, an extra-judicial body, has ruled that 20-year-old Sonia's marriage to Rampal as illegal because they belong to the same gotra. Moreover, they have asked Sonia's husband to accept her as a sister by giving her a token amount of money. The Panchayat members have also told Sonia to abort her pregnancy.The Panchayat members say their decision is final and warn of violence if it is not accepted. "We remain firm on our decision. Our child might die, but we will not change our stance. We will not recognize this marriage. The government can look after the unborn child or they can do what they like," said Om Prakash Rathi, Khaap member. The administration has taken no interest in intervening in this particular incident, knowing that these Panchayats have the tacit support of the ruling political party.There have been four documented incidents of the Panchayat courts ending marriages in the last two years in Haryana. Rampal, who is under tremendous pressure to either leave his five-acre land or his wife, is in hiding though he has agreed to a divorce However, Sonia says she will not give up her and her unborn child's rights without a fight. "Wannabe looks up from the printout he had taken from

Boss : "Sonia is not my sister. And so I don't care if she has to become her husband's sister. And if you want to search for ideas on the web, read Supperhit Phormula post in . “

PS : As on 17th Oct. The Supreme Court has banned the panchayat from interfering in the issue.Defying the Supreme Court order, the Asanda village panchayat has decided to shift the venue of its proposed panchayat scheduled for October 24th to decide on the matter.
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