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Jan 26, 2005

Please Dont Hurt the Eyes

Please don't hurt the eyes, they have life.

Please don't burn, or bury them.

Eyes can change lives, and they have life.

When during the despair of a dear one's death,

Don't forget to call a hospital within the six hours.

Unless due to jaundice or a HIV+ , or death from a dog bite.

Don't hurt the eyes, they have life.

Wouldnt you have done anything to save the dear one's life?

When they are alive with life for the six hours,

Why would you want to kill the dear ones eyes?

Dont hurt your dear ones eyes, they have life

What if you were blind folded for a day,

How tough will be - the walking and working ,

Won't life be filled with wondering and worrying .

What if this was the life of one of your dear ones,

Won't you make an attempt to get them sight?

But why not the same attempt, to give two strangers the sight?

When you can bring light to two lives,

Why hurt the eyes, when they have life?

Don't let anyone kill YOUR eyes,

Call the eyebank today.

When we can take an insurance policy to provide for the dear after our death,

why not provide for very our own eyes?

Dont we owe it to our eyes?

If you don't allow them to live, you kill them.

Dont hurt the eyes, they have life.

PS : For those who are interested in taking one step further, this link might prove useful


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