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Jan 26, 2005

Bush Blames Bond

Dear Diary,
Today (21.09.04), I have to make a speech in UN. And even though I have defeated the Extremely Evil Empire of Saddam, some still expect me to explain Iraq war. Well , it was just not about oil politics, you know me, I believed in Bond. When I was told the report about WMD was from intelligence, I assumed intelligent guys (and gals) supplied them and they were reliable (like Bond).

Sure I always tell, what people want to hear, not what I think. But that doesn't mean the Bonds serving our nation should do the same! After all in the Bond movies the President (or the Prime Minister) don't doubt Bond ! And they don't show a commission, or an enquiry goes into what has been done by Bond!

After I win the re-election, in the interest of future Presidents & Prime Ministers, I am going to do something about Bond movies. I am going to insist that they start reflecting reality. A new clause pertaining to Bond movies will have to be added to the Patriot Act.

Or perhaps in the next Bond movie I can ask them to tell that about a deeper conspiracy. A presidential candidate (obviously Kerry look alike) smuggles the WMD to ---- hmm somewhere; (Colin will know where) or better all the data was correct but the evil enemy hacked into CIA and changed the word Iran to Iraq. (then i can say, lets declare a war on Iran, the next axis of evil).

Yes no point in blaming Bond , when I can use Bond.
Gentlemen may prefer Blondes,
And re WMD believe not Bush, but Bond.

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