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Jan 26, 2005

Kiss Snap Soul

When an newspaper took a snap of a kiss
Those whom we thought were kissing started hissing
They fumed at the snap
And snapped at the paper for publishing the snap

So instead of an angelic kiss
The kiss could now become, a Dementor kiss
Will the kiss, suck out the soul, (money) of the newspaper

Or will the plaintiffs and the defendents
Kiss and make up

Will it inspire Ekta Kapoor to write
Kyoki mein kissi ko kiss nahi karthi

Will it inspire Sunjay Dutt to act in
Kis(s) ko Kalas

Will it be used as a poll issue during Bihar elections.
Paswan : Last time Lalo promised the roads of Bihar will become smooth like the cheeks of Hemamalini, but this has been become as real as the Kiss of Kareena!

The best solution for all concerned would be to appoint a commission. It will go on and on and on and on...

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