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Jan 25, 2005

Too many birthday tributes spoil the blog

Monday morning. No news
from who else, but my Muse

Dont know if its after effects of some weekend party,
or Muse has been invited to Kamal Hassan's 50th birthday party.
Before Muse accuses me of forgetting my roots,
Happy birthday to Kamal too.

And since I want to write a blog,
and not just birthday tributes and sound like a log,
The current billion+ and the past millions,
please dont be offended if I omit you.

Its certainly nice to think of you,
And I am grateful to all of you ,
And have been inspired by many of you,
Hopefully there is more in my life than just paying tributes to you.

Hopefully after some years, decades, or centuries,
many will start writing about me too.
and for that I have to do some other things too,
instead of thinking words for wishing,remembering All of you.

Though the above words may lack rhyme
Hope people notice the reason and not just rhyme

posted on Monday, November 08, 2004 12:00 PM in O3

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