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Jan 26, 2005

New Year Resolutions

The New Year is a good time to make resolutions but what is the point of resolutions if we cant keep them?

The right time for new year resolutions is Now. Surely you would have an idea of what you would like to be your new year resolution? Well start implementing it today. And see if you can maintain it and modify it accordingly on the New Year eve.

Tips for new year resolution

Review your last year's resolution.
Have you succeeded, if not, why have you failed. Examine it and if necessary keep the same resolution this year too.

Drastic never works
No one can change overnight, so avoid drastic resolutions

Not toooooo easy please
Not being drastic, doesnt mean it shouldnt be challenging.

Not too many please
Keep a focus. Yes we would all like to become everything to everyone, but doing everything may not be possible, and the chances are that we would get discouraged and give up after a month. Maintain a core focus for each year, if you are able to do achieve everything else , great! But dont give up on the core.

Let it be for a year not a day
New year is the time to plan for the entire year. Let the resolution not be something for which you need just couple of days.

Have a plan
Whats the point of intention if you cant think of execution?
Write down what you have to do carry out the intention and of course, do it:)

Sometimes its easy to forget the resolution after the New Year euphoria passes away, and one is tempted to postpone the resolution to the next year. :) Plan to remind yourself of it throughout the year. Make a mention of it in the diary, online reminders or if required inform people close to you about your resolution.

Strengths , weakness, Opportunities Threats
Enhance your strengths, act against your weakness, see what how you can utitlise the opportunities for the year and see if you have to prepare yourself against any threats.

Bifurcate your tasks into Urgent and Important, Urgent but not Important, Important but not Urgent, not Important, not Urgent.
Let your resolution concentrate on what is not urgent but still important to you.

New year resolution need not be about people quitting bad habits , it can be about deciding to learn something new, to do something differently, better management of Health, Wealth and Time etc

All the best and Happy New Year

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