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Jan 25, 2005

Papa Dont Preach

Before sleeping he prayed sincerely to God
Let me live in a world where porn is legalised God.

Then he woke up to find an old woman by his side.
Perhaps twenty years he had aged with his bride
And a beautiful young girl came running to him
And he felt himself swelling with pride

She said "Papa I can be a porn star, now that porn has been legalised."
With a daughter in porn, he felt different about porn, he realised.

He tried to stop her but couldn't convince her against porn
Papa dont preach she said and walked away with a scorn
He yelled at God - I wanted to see porn ,
not the world to see my daughter in a porn.

A voice replied, "but every porn star is someone's daughter too.
Though they always didnt wish to see porn too
Its a free world, feast your eyes on others daughters
forget that you have a daughter and stop feeling forlorn"

He asked "But why would My daughter want to be in porn"
The Voice said "Hmmm, never asked why other daughters are in porn
Most are sold and forced, many need money for their life needs
many do it to get ahead, and many for their lifestyle needs
and perhaps some like You and Your daughter think porn is just good fun"


  1. though this is a highly personal question, can u tell me whether
    u watch porn?

  2. Why wouldn't Papa want his daughter in Porn? Low pay? Dangerous? No future? People might think less of her? Is he ashamed? Because of society's and his prejudices?


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