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Jan 25, 2005

After 20 years

'After Twenty Years' was a short story by O.Henry about Friendship & Change after twenty years. But this post is about the lack of change and fraternity, twenty years after Delhi burnt.
So how safe are we?Riots need people. If more than 3000 were killed, how many did it take to kill them. So who can become a killer? And who can become a victim? Really anyone?

Twenty years ago, the people who died would have planned and lead their life, just like any of us. And yet suddenly in three days, for more than 3000 people, life ended agnoisingly, abruptly. And the lifestyle of their remaining family members changed forever. Read an article, that things didnt improve for the members of the few who were punished too. So Why? What was achieved?

If it could have happened in Delhi, surely it can happen anywhere? In a city that is a comfortable home to political refugees from over 40 countries, are the victims of 1984 forgotten ? Where can anyone be safe?

In 20 years, nine commissions and committees have inquired into the riots.The latest commission, one led by Justice GT Nanavati, is still to complete its inquiry. The government last week gave yet another extension to him. Of course swift and severe justice is the best way to ensure this but swift justice is not possible from a justice system that will take 350 years to clear its backlog of cases. And is the question of justice a just about When or also about If?

Similar number died on 9/11 and a war on terror started. But what do we do when terrorists who lead such operations become our rulers? Vote for them to keep us safe from other terrorists?

And please don't post a message saying, now we have a Sikh Prime Minister and things are ok. He is an Indian first. But if he had been on the streets of Delhi twenty years ago, he wouldn't have been viewed as an Indian.

Has India Changed after these twenty years to become a country where every citizen be viewed as an Indian first? Dumb question?What makes us so sure that we dont have to care or worry about it since it couldnt happen to us?

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