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Jan 25, 2005

MS Songbird

What is the magic of a voice?
When life it makes us rejoice ?
Is singing just a technique ?
or a sincere voice from the soul?

Aah MS.
Millions still start the day with your suprabatham
And though may not comprehend, hear enchanted,
Vishnu saharsanamam & Bhaja Govindam
But I will always remember you for your Kurai ondrum Illai
(I have no complaints ,Krishna)

MS the legend is no more?
MS, you sang in Kurai onrum illai,
"Krishna, you are there,though I can't see you,
and I dont have any complaints"
And even when I cant see you, MS,
I know you will be with us forever as music.

Your love and soul was music ,
And when we heard your music
We forgot our body and became just a soul
The best tribute to you would be
To encourage more, to aspire - to become like you.

Lets encourage our musicians and music.
And when we hear them sing,
Discover the songbird within.

(posted in o3 )

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