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Jan 25, 2005

Belated Birthday Wishes Ash

My Muse is mad at me.

Muse : You forgot

Self : Huh?

Muse : You came up with a post on Manmohan Singh's birthday, on Dr.Kalam's birthday & on World Food Day & on World Sight week or whatever etc . But how could you forgot Her Birthday

Self : Ash? Well I thought someone else will do a post on her.

Muse : Doesn't excuse you. You still forgot Herrrrrr And Muse started looking like a dementor in a Harry Potter movie.

Self : Shivering. Whats this Vaastu Shastra? I thought Muse was supposed to inspire not terrorise.

Muse : Well Ash is Inspiration. And Inspiration is Ash. And when you forget my roots, don't expect me to be pleased

Hmmm well here is one to Ash and Shahrukh (you never know with muse, I dont want it to terrorise me tommorrow with You forgot Hisssssssssss Birthday.)

Belated birthday wishes Ash
Hope you had a great bash
Hope many records you smash
And not remain just a flash
like that Malika brash

Shahrukh hope u too have a great splash
Both, Please dont make my muse clash,
Then my life would simply crash
No Muse means no Cash
Hmmm Re.Malika have I been rash?

PS : To find out if my muse is a fan of Malika,
Right now, I have to make a dash

posted on Tuesday, November 02, 2004 12:06 PM

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