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Jan 25, 2005

Food for Thought

World Food Day every 16th Oct it seems. Well when far interesting things are happening in Chennai & Mumbai (Cricket and election results for those who might read it after couple of centuries and wonder what i am re. to ) who would want to think about World Food Day? Hmmm. So can we eat out today. Maybe a little more, dont want to offend the food. After all if we celebrate Valentine Day, shouldn't we start to think about celebrating World Food Day?
Hmmm so what do I write about on World Food Day? Well there is one thing I keep wondering. Why tasty food is not good for health and why does the nutritious healthy food taste, well you know how it tastes..Obesity has become a serious problem, where else but in USA (if I had said Ethopia, would you care to even absorb it ). Well you have one more day to celebrate and watch out ..Next year the greeting cards industry might bring out cards for it too.. with candies and pizza discount coupons attached. Hmmm..
Ps : For the “ purists“ who are writhing in agony and thinking she got the meaning wrong , well for your info I did read But who would want to hear about “ The theme for World Food Day and TeleFood campaign for 2004 is "Biodiversity for Food Security". blah blah blah .Yet people depend on just 14 mammal and bird species for 90 percent of their food supply from animals. And just four species - wheat, maize, rice and potato - provide half of our energy from plants. blah blah blah.“ I read it in full, and if someone is interested in reading these stuff,read from the link and post your comments based on it and then I will talk about it. And to induce you to read it “ More than 840 million people remain hungry around the world and still more suffer from micronutrient deficiencies. Global efforts have so far been insufficient to reach the World Food Summit and related Millennium Development goal of reducing the number of hungry by half by 2015. “ Tempted to read more on this, I didnt think so. Who wants to read about dying millions?
The click doesn't work in this blog. You wil have to visit And some info from that site too. It is estimated that one billion people in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition. That's roughly 100 times as many as those who actually die from these causes each year. About 24,000 people die every day from hunger or hunger-related causes. This is down from 35,000 ten years ago, and 41,000 twenty years ago. Three-fourths of the deaths are children under the age of five. Famine and wars cause about 10% of hunger deaths, although these tend to be the ones you hear about most often. The majority of hunger deaths are caused by chronic malnutrition. Families facing extreme poverty are simply unable to get enough food to eat. In 1999, a year marked by good economic news, 31 million Americans were food insecure, meaning they were either hungry or unsure of where their next meal would come from. Of these Americans, 12 million were children. Millions of American being Hungry? Then why didnt I hear about a war on hunger? Hmmm
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