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Jan 26, 2005

Coffee Club

Muse : I thought you loved your coffee
Self : Of Course I do!

Muse : Then why turn down an offer for free coffee with some great people at the Coffee Club?
Self : The Coffee was great. Even though it wasn't Filter Coffee.

Muse : That leaves me even  more confused.
Self : It was the Terms & Conditions
Muse : Everything has Terms & Conditions. We just click Accept and hope that we haven't confessed to some crime, or said we won't object to any crime against us.
Self : OK, let me read it out
Muse : Go ahead

Self reads Terms & Condtions of Coffee Club :
1. This is the Terms & Conditions for drinking free coffee at the Coffee Club.
2. Though the space would be supplied by the Coffee Club, the Coffee drinker has to get the ingredients, prepare the coffee and will have the rights to drink the coffee, or give the coffee to his friends, or just throw it down the drain.
3.The Coffee Club only provides space and nothing else
4.The Coffee Club is not responsible if you mix salt or spice in your coffee and also if you accept such coffees from your "friends"
5.If the above happens, the Coffee maker is responsible for it, not the Coffee Club
6.The Coffee drinker and Coffee maker should not use the coffee to add any substance other than the normal ingredients of a coffee.
7.The Coffee Club retains the right to inspect the coffees prepared, and to throw it
8.Moreover the Coffee Club retains the right to close the club at anytime and not mention when it would open again.
9.The Coffee Club reserves the legal right to publish the contents of your coffee to the world if required, and also to modify the coffee, or to snatch the coffee made by you and throw your coffee down the drain, in part or whole

Muse : Wait I dont see anything wrong in it. What else did you expect? If you were in a Mumbai Local now, you would appreciate the value of space.

Self : Well I agreed to the terms & conditions. I dont object to them closing down without giving reasons and other points, I didnt object to them allowing anyone and everyone inside the club and thus the unruly behaviour by some and also the policy of sometimes switching coffees.
But its too much, the right to modify my coffee and then the right to throw my coffee down the drain Without giving reason

Muse : Hmmm

Self : I dont believe in brewing coffee, only to watch it go down the drain, without any reason

Muse : But you went there not just for the coffee but also for the friends and the aroma from others coffee.

Self : Oh I will visit it. But I wont make the coffee. And if some of my close friends make me a cup, I will sip. (Hoping that the cuppa wont be suddenly snatched of course)

Muse : And if your friends want your coffee
Self : Well I frequent 6  Coffee Clubs other than this, so they can come there to taste my coffee. Hey Muse, can you lend me a hand in making Coffee..

Muse : Hmmm sure but let me think of the Terms & Conditions first...


PS : For the record, though I think some of my blogs & posts have been unnecessarily deleted, I bear no grudge with O3. I am glad that its back. Its definitely the best blogsite around, and the O3 bloggers are definitely fantastic people to blog with. But my personal priniciples prevent me from posting further here. Happy New Year to everyone at O3 including O3 administration

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