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Jan 25, 2005

Why blog and not just comment

My reply to by soul less
Advantages of posting a blog instead of mere comments
1.Even though its believed that a blogger has to put in more efforts than those who post comments its not true. Just because you are a teacher, you can ask questions. Even when you don't know answers and even if the others don't know the answer you can feel smart.Have you seen the no. of questions being asked in other blogs...
2.Once in a blue moon (ok this applies to my blog only) u might get a comment saying how good ur blog is. it feels great. and even though modesty may prevent you from framing it, you can always keep a printout and let someone see it accidentally and say "Oh I get it all the time"
3.If you dislike a comment, click Remove Comment button. Ha the power is amazing. (ok but dont use it frequently then others may stop posting comments on your blog or worse post comments about you in other blogs and you might not read them and thus not be able to defend yourself)
4.Time factor is very important . Pretend you are going to write a novel and if anyone grumbles about it say blogging is a practise and if someone comes up with a chore, just close your eyes and say you are thinking of the next blog post. If they persist, say you will mention their support when you make a speech after receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature. If they laugh or ridicule, look intellectual (a seperatate blog on that) and say a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. (ok this works at home not at office) If you are in office, say internet research for product promotion and improvement blah blah blah
5. Others do your thinking. Hmm, why I am not making this a post and typing this as a comment. Sorry soul less, I will make this a post of the day as a reply to this blog. PS : It will be nice if O3 has a referral prg and if after reading the above, more decide to blog, instead of merely posting comments, and they could appreciate me. (And O3 guys, if you have read this and have decided to appreciate me, don't worry on ideas for expressing your appreciation. I have a nice list) All the best Soul less ;)

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