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Jan 25, 2005

Atleast in the Movies

Thankfully God isn't a scriptwriter for movies, so ...
Atleast in the movies, Nargis & Raj Kapoor can look romantically at each other in the rain and not worry about either of them falling into a manhole.
Atleast in the movies, rain + vehicles = a director who wants to shoot with a "difference" and mere close ups of tyres splashing water and rain + vehicles not= getting stuck up just when you have the most important appointment of your life in whichever mode of transport you are in. Be it a bike, auto, car, train, bus, boat or even a plane.
Atleast in the movies, rain + streets = heroines who haven't heard of raincoats & dance; without gathering a nasty crowd or catching a cold.and rain + streets not= lack of drainage system, and walking through three feet water even three days after the rain.
Atleast in the movies, rain + house = heat between the lead pair..and rain + house not= worrying if the leaky walls have a hidden message reg the construction quality, if you live in apartments, or worrying if your house will flood, if in slums, and searching for one, if you live on the roads.
And thankfully, atleast in Lagaan, the rain comes after the Indians win.
PS : I do like to include hmmm in all posts, but today, after what happened in Chepauk, its just grrrrr
posted on Monday, October 18, 2004 11:50 AM on O3

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