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Jan 25, 2005

The Waves & The Rocks

The waves come, some gentle , some with a roar
Full of life, hope and cheer, towards the shore
But the hard rocks stand, on their way
and in a second, they splash and become mere spray.

And they withdraw meekly, back to the bay
Can I learn a lesson from that today?
But the waves don't give up, do they?
And years later, as sand, the rocks lay.
Oh the waves seem to have won their way.

Consistent efforts, do seem to pay
The immediate results - don't always count
Let the adversary's strength, not intimidate you,
Losing the battle need not mean, losing the war
Never ever give up, the waves seem to say


  1. thanks its was a very sincere post:) and i do think about it when i get bogged down :)


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