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Feb 6, 2005

Life007 is not a guy?

Life007 is not a guy, he decided.
In a chatroom when Life007 had mentioned "I have some good forwards on women, interested", he had had given his email id.

Of course he had assumed it would be some pics, which he could forward to other guys or some stuff like women have 826 cosmetics in their handbag, which he could forward to everyone and better even write it as a blog.

And then came the first forward. Marriage & Women. Surely it would be some fun stuff, about wife being a nag wasnt. It said


Indian Women, think before you leap into marriage.

1.In India, marital rape is not a crime. The present law is a contradiction of the unanimous resolution at the UN conference in Beijing, September '95. The resolution guarantees every woman's right to say no to sex as she wishes, specifically wives.

2.A married woman is NOT the natural guardian of her child but an unmarried woman is the guardian of her child.The father's endorsement on every document is still mandatory in schools, colleges, banks, employment matters, domicile and travel documents, licences and all other official identity papers needed by an individual.
And if there is a divorce, the father can still remain the guardian. Geetha Hariharan, a divorcee, had to go to Supreme Court in 1995 when the Reserve Bank of India refused to allow her to sign the documents necessary for investment bonds for her minor son.

Though more than a decade ago in 1989, the Law Commission in its 135th Report recommended that both the mother and father be declared natural guardians with equal rights over the child, this is yet to be implemented. A step in this direction is the Tamilnadu government order making it mandatory for schools to list the mother as joint or sole guardian of the child.

3.Though husbands will talk about her right to her parents property, most will not talk about her duties to her parents, financially and emotionally. While he will expect her to participate in his duties to his parents

4. She will have to change the lifestyle habits of over two decades, and others will think just because she is a woman, she will have to accept if the food tastes different, the newspaper, magazines,TV programs are different, the God you worship is different etc. But if he visits her house, he wouldnt appreciate the difference even for a week.

5. If she chooses to be a homemaker, her work will not be recognised or appreciated and it will more tougher to be financially independent and take care of her parents and siblings. Her work would be 24 x 7 without retirement, but if she chooses to work, she would be expected to get the tasks done. Her work will be triffle if she has to do by herself, but even a single task which he has to do will negotiated and argued.

6.She would be expected to treat her in laws as parents but her in laws will think of her as a daughter in law whoose every action should be scrutinised and interpreted for signs of her thinking of splitting the family.

7.If you want a relationship, you can always have a live in , If you want a child think of adoption if legally possible or contact a sperm bank.

8. A common myth when a woman, thinks of sports, hobbies, studies and career is whether that would affect her marriage chances. After all a suntan would be viewed as a dark woman, and a teacher is ok, but a policewoman or lawyer would seem "undomesticated". Singing is ok, but even classical dance could be frowned. Well millions of female foetus have been killed. And unlike the rest of the world, the ratio is fewer women for more men (unless you live in Kerala). And logically more men are going to remain bachelor then women ending up as spinsters. There are 933 women for every 1000 men. And the future is going to be tougher, since in the age group of 0-6, the number of girls per 1000 boys fell from 945 in 91 to 927 at the national level, and in states like Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, its fallen below 800 !

If you think of life as an onetime lifetime choice, why worry about the society. Those who care for you will be there for you, even if you dont marry. Marriage is a risky venture. This is not to stop you from marriage, but to make you think about what you value most. If you value freedom, right to your body, right to make the right decisions for the child, your duty to your parents, then is marriage the best option for you and is your partner the right choice?

Bungee Jumping is not for everyone. But if you think its fun, just make sure the rope is strong before you leap. Think before you leap.

PS : If you forward this information to atleast one person, you will experience a change of fortune and the good luck would increase with the number of people you send it to.
But if you delete it without sending, please dont blame anyone if bad luck visits you, in direct proportion to the number of forwards the one who had forwarded this to you had made.

In its first stage, the post was forwarded to 500 people, out of them 383 persons forwarded it to their friends and they wrote back to mention that Lady Luck visited them within a week. And it varied from a sudden promotion to a winning a car as a prize (the person had forwarded to 1832 persons). But the 117 people who decided to delete were suprised at the sudden setbacks, it varied from car accidents to sudden lay offs and in two cases being struck by lightning.

This is in the second stage. And its being sent out to 5000 people. We are in the process of having a website, with the names of the people who have benefited by forwarding this email. And so do mention what Lady Luck did to you to the person who forwarded this email, and that person will mention it to the person who had forwarded it to him/her and thus prove to the scientists, with email linkchain, the amazing goodwill and good luck the net can generate.

PPS : You dont have to read the entire, just forward - Life007


Oh now I understand why Life007 sent this, he thought, but why hadnt he written about not having to read it earlier. He thought of cutting and pasting that message on the top, then decided he didnt have time for it, and just forwarded it to everyone in his addressbook.

I will compensate it with a forward on North and South Indian women he decided. And if I get a promotion, I owe it Life007 and I must remember to write back to him and prove the scientists wrong. Now if I post it in a blog, will 1832 persons see it he wondered..

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  1. Hi Wise Donkey....Read ur post & was shocked to know that 'A married woman is not the natural guardian of her child but an unmarried woman is the guardian of her child.'...I thought that its so unfair. After having lugged the unborn babe around for 9 months, giving borth to it, taking care of the child, protecting it against any harm that might befall it, just be'coz her relationship with her husband ends, she loses guardianship of her child??....Sucks big-time..:(...The other points about marital rape not being a crime, or her being totally a pawn in life were so valid too...Really makes one wary of entering the hallowed institution called marriage...

  2. Ooops, Wise One...Am Sunny, ur o3 pal!...Forgot to put my name on the earlier comment! :)

  3. sunny unless the woman is unmarried she is not a guardian not even a joint guardian of the child when she is married !

  4. interesting. and v talk of equality. worse still... in india u have different IPCs for hindu and muslim marriages. wish our society changes someday. wish someday we men come to understand the vanity of being the powerful ones (in all aspects.. social,economical or physical).

  5. thanks sumitz
    agree with u :)

  6. Such a confusing post!

    (will comment on the legal aspects - the rest have beaten me to death, no use holding forth on them)

    knew about the mom not being your guardian thingy (pop and me had huge probs and that was when all this cropped up)

    thot marital rape was a crime tho (legally)?!

    besides the stuff on women, what really are the addendums for?


  7. W (any blog name ?)

    marital rape is a crime. for more info on it.

    well additional stuff is to point out that even guys can be concerned about women. though there r cynics out there who think all the guys are alike.

  8. see all i can see is dat dis world is male dominated which isnt gud for us males...i really think women shud be on top for a change :D

    on a more serious note, i think women in india shud be treated w some more respect, married or unmarried....cmon guys, women keep us happy :D

    "gayathri" hope u know who i am, ur Lion bro on o3 :D

    i also made up a quote for us goes

    "Leos rock n others roll for us" lemme know how d quote is :D

  9. g3

    its wgaf, W, for short.

  10. The IPC never ceases to surprise me... the laws we still have are terrible...
    We accept the triple talaq...
    Marital Rape is prevalent... but wives can't even approach the court coz legal marriage gives that freedom to men (its considered a right by marriage in a large part of India).
    IPC being split by religion also means a lot of different laws.
    One that surprised me was in most if the woman can prove that a certain man is the father (out of wedlock that is)then he has to provide for the child but according to Islamic Law the child is the womens problem.
    The IPC is quite an amazing piece of art especially in the marriage laws and religious sections.
    And to top it all in cases of abuse the main testimony is the womens, as long as she testifies the man will most probably be punished. Proof is not really required.
    But men cannot file for abuse or rape. Which I think is an excellent legal way to get back at men :D but seriously its something to thing about, its something men can file for in the States.

  11. I agree .. Totally
    Please explore the plight of so called 'empowered women ' as well.. they are worse off.. the inlaws inherits the salary but and else should be as per traditional society .That means subordination and lower status of women. I feel that the entire social setup and cultural web is made around the economic benefits... parents bringup their son as their investments and any leakage by way of any relationship ..say spouse is very smartly wiped out...sanskar, respect for inlaws etc ...yes if the women is earning that will be grabbed as per duty and certficate of gd DIL will be given rest will be status co..expoiting her further... but sad part is that women will glorify such working women and expect all others to fall in line

  12. annon i agree.
    unless a woman's income is her own, female foeticide will continue, and men will find it tougher to find brides..
    it doesnt make economic sense to have girls right????


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