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Feb 22, 2005

Do U Know - Delhi female foeticide figures

Birth registration figures recently released show that at least one in seven girls in this town/city is eliminated at the foetal stage. The statistics using a model that took into account biological principles, said the 80:100 sex ratio of the 3 lakh births recorded during the first six months of last year indicates at least 30,000 ‘missing’ girls.

The birth records January and June 2004 only 819 girls were born for every 1,000 boys.

In some of its localities, its 762 girls to 1,000 boys, 784 girls to 1,000 boys, 792 girls to 1,000 boys.

According to Census of India 2001, child sex ratio here was 865 girls to 1,000 boys -- well below the all-India average of 927

The statistics for the last three years is worse than the ones for the last 15 years

And this city/town in India is Delhi

Preppy,Rage,Idiot,Mausmi,Busybee,Spark,Mahesh got it right.

The city’s most elite area, south Delhi, is the worst . In south Delhi, the figure is -- 762 girls to 1,000 boys. In Rohini, northwest Delhi, the ratio stands at 784 to 1,000, while in Najafgarh, in the southwest corner of the city near the Haryana border, it is 792 girls to 1,000 boys.

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  1. no. I dont believe in these stats n reserach done by whatever stupid company - I just know taht i hve lived my major part of life in delhi n i hvnt encountered this kinda attitude towards a girl child in any part of delhi.

  2. a.r.s.d
    the records are from the corporation. are u tellin me its just natural, that when worldover the number of girls is higher than boys, it goes on declining over the decades in some parts naturally !

    the data is based on census and delhi municipal birth records. forget the interpretation. surely the figures speak for themselves

  3. i dont think that these ppl know how 2 take census even... mine name was recorded 3 times in census !!! well now u know that the population of india is atleast 2 less than what census shows :D

  4. a.r.s.d

    Are you saying census figures have a gender bias . If the cebnsus figures are wrong they should be wrong for both male and female . On the whole census mistakes of this kind should balance out . The fact that they don't reflects that there is a problem . And it is acute in South Delhi .


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