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Feb 17, 2005

Do U Know - Gold aint great

  • The industry consumes a tenth of the world’s energy,
  • It spews out 30-50% of the globe’s toxic emissions
  • It imperils 40% of the frontier forests
  • It is the world’s most polluting industry, in the conventional sense of causing waste and toxic effluents.(The top prize could go to the nuclear industry which, while admittedly not causing global warming, produces the most harmful waste, which remains radioactive for thousands of years and is virtually impossible to store, not counting the omnipresent risk of catastrophic accidents in power plants.)
  • And its Gold

Seems a single gold ring generates a staggering 20 tonnes of waste!

Due to copyright reasons dont want to post more, the above information is based on So please refer to it if you want more information and comment. Frankly I am suprised. So if anyone has any contradicting data, do give the links :)


  1. all good things come with a price(not necessarily be paid in cash) tag. but honestly i can live without gold. so can rest of the folks. .... and the whole world cribs about only the unavoidable modes of pollution

  2. well i agree. i can live without good too:)

  3. Oh...I didnt know this !!! Thanks for the link.....

    Well, it is pretty sad that Chennai is the highly traded place for Gold jewellery....

    But personally Gold doesnt look all that great!!!

  4. yeah and i think in recent years it has become worse if the traffic jams at usman road are an indication.

    personally earlier too i didnt care much for gold, and i never thought gold looked great. but after readin the info, less enthu about it.


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