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Feb 24, 2005

Do U Know - Visually Challenged Dr from AIIMS

Selected for admission in the MBBS course at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in 1989 and was to take his final examinations in 1993 when a problem developed.

Denied permission to take the exam for want of approved guidelines by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and hence disallowed by to take exams by AIIMS.

This doctor-aspirant approached National Human Rights Commission in May 2001.

Discussing the case with the AIIMS authorities, NHRC cited instances from other countries of people becoming doctors despite this condition.

The examination procedure was amended and AIIMS began working out a methodology for similar cases in future

Internship was also rearranged to suit his talents. He completed his internship early in 2004

The NHRC has also asked the MCI to undertake a similar exercise to be in a position to deal with such cases in the future

His name is Anka Toppo and the reason he was disallowed earlier, he had become Visually Challenged.

Max,Spark,Wgaf,Idiot, & Preppy got it right.
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