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Feb 21, 2005

Do U Know - Ewaste

This waste contains more than 1,000 different toxic substances harmful to human beings and the environment.
Some parts from the products are resold by the recyclers and the rest burnt in illegal dump yards near residential colonies by these recyclers or dumped along with the municipal waste and then burned, releasing toxic and carcinogenic substances into the air.
Barium found in this waste could damage the heart and liver while other chemicals such as beryllium cadmium are poisonous and could lead to cancer. Chromium, lead and mercury also pose severe health risks.
At present the environmental laws in India do not specifically cover this waste regulation
And this waste is ewaste.

Chemicals such as beryllium found in computer motherboards and cadmium in chip resistors and semiconductors are poisonous and could lead to cancer.
Chromium in floppy disks, lead in batteries and computer monitors and mercury in alkaline batteries and fluorescent lamps also pose severe health risks.
Computers and mobile phones are known culprits but tubelights and children's toys are others
Import of e-waste, mainly from the US, under the garb of donations is adding to our woes. Obsolete computers are thus dumped in India.
India is a signatory of the Basel Convention On The Transboundary Movements Of Hazardous Wastes And Their Disposal, which came into force in 1992 and has been ratified by 159 countries. But the convention allows import of such waste from nations such as the United States which has not ratified the treaty.
Bangalore home to 1,422 foreign and domestic technology firms is one of the key cities which could be affected.
Central Pollution Board, has formed a working group to tackle the problem


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