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Feb 19, 2005

Do U Know - Compulsive Shopping Disorder

  • Its a disorder. Its not an addiction or an obsession.
  • It is part of a group of disorders called Impulse Control Disorders. These include Kleptomania (the impulse to steal) and Pyromania (the impulse to burn things).
  • People with this Disorder actually feel aroused or anxious to do it. The problem is that they feel relaxed while doing it, but feel remorse afterwards.But in moderate amounts the same activity can actually act as a therapeutic activity to cope with life's tensions
  • An estimated eight per cent people in the United States are affected by this disorder.
    The number of cases of people suffering from it is less in India because it is not a very common disorder. Also, it is not a very defined disorder; cases of specific diagnosis are not common.
  • It could happen to anyone, but is found especially among those suffering from frequent spells of depression
  • This disorder is also common in people who suffer from a mania, commonly described as being on a high. People with manias act in extremes -- they love more and hate more. (Huh?)
  • More women than men tend to fall prey to this disorder. (Hmmm)

And its called Compulsive Shopping Disorder for more info:)


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