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Feb 11, 2005

Van Gogh on Valentine

Life007 was filled with dread. Valentine's day was approaching. And what was worse than the day, were the days before the days. Colleagues asking about plans, friends ringing up to ask about plans and every website talking about plans. So had called in sick and was busy surfing the net for a date.

In colleges, had told, I have to concentrate on studies, and later I have to concentrate on my career. When you are 22 people think you are looking around, 23 you get advise and suggestions, 24 shocked looks and probably the thought, hmmm something wrong. But at 25 ! Life007 groaned.

Indian has a billion million people and surely a good percentage of that is in my age group and surely a good % of that would surf the net. Is 25 that old. And the panic, should have thought of this last month. Perhaps its too close to V Day (Oh God please, will it be a We Day or Just Me Day)

Whats my life if I dont have someone to love me. (Ok sure my friends,family and dog love me, but whats life if someone doesnt love me). Here I am ready to give my unconditional love, and why cant someone hear the sincere voice from my soul. Oh I just feel worthless, life007 thought. As though I am not worthy of being loved. And a prayer to God. OK take your time, with making me meet my soulmate, but atleast let me get a date, so that I wont look alone on that day. And get sympathetic reassurances from friends and smirks and snide remarks from my enemies.

An idea. Write a blog. Put in a few hearts, and write a profile. Surely there would be others like me. No. Not hearts. It would look too cliched and seem desperate??Ok maybe a rose. Hey what can be wrong with a rose? But probably others would think of rose and it doesnt reflect me anyway. And why limit the options. Just a good friend out on date would do (Obviously not of the same sex). Hmmm a sunflower. Bright, Sunny & Cheerful.

And then suddenly remembers another sunflower, by the Dutch Painter Van Gogh. Van Gogh - his paintings are worth millions today, but he had sold only one painting in his life. One neednt sell it for millions, but surely a few thousands, or atleast few hundreds. The thought that someone appreciates your art and wants to own it. And the paintings which were perceived worthless, have now become priceless!

(In March 1987, even those without interest in art were made aware of van Gogh's Sunflowers series when Japanese insurance magnate Yasuo Goto paid the equivalent of $39,921,750 for Van Gogh's Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers at auction at Christie's London, at the time a record-setting amount for a van Gogh.)

Hmmm but how fair is it to let yourself be judged by the society? And then suddenly the desperation and dread vanished. Life007 decided to not Worry,about finding a date. Sure would try to find a soulmate or a just a friend. But if it was not possible, instead of lying to friends and staying at home, like last year, and cursing the corporates for adding more hype and the fate etc, would go out and give love to those who needed. There are plenty of oldage homes and orphanages, just to start with. The humans there dont need just food clothes and shelter, they too need love. And if Valentine's day is about love, then why not give them, that unconditional love for atleast a day...

Valentine's day today may be hyped by some corporates for their own benefits and might result in some peer pressure on the "plans". But an individual cant do much about it.
And thus realising its stupid to worry about being single or to suffer from low self esteem, life007, wrote the blog. Never mind if one didnt have a "date" on Valentine, just love life and be cheerful . Van Gogh's Sunflower had Always been priceless.

On Valentine's Day
Just because you haven't yet met your soul mate
or managed to squeeze in a date
No need to grumble and bemoan your fate.

Life can still be fun,
even if you are just one
Hey be thankful you are one
And not a none.

Remember the Van Gogh was never worthless
Even when it was unappreciated, it was always Priceless

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  1. hey gaya.
    i agree with you.
    i am like life007.
    the worst part is that, if i dont get a gal in the next few months, everyone i know will think i am not straight!

  2. techj, who cares what the world thinks!
    i agree its more fun when we have someone , a soulmate oreven just a date.
    but just because we dont have one
    doesnt mean we should think, its the worst and worry or brood about it.
    its ur life, accept it the way it is and be determined to enjoy every minute of it.

  3. It pays to be different. Keep the others guessing. Let them think whatever they please. Spend time the way you like.


  4. with someone with u life seems so beautiful but when u find urself with u and none life seems more fun and beautiful:)
    fine with me if there is no one with me,but then i found myself and am happy:)
    hey,well written

  5. hii gaya!!!
    hope u find ur valentine....but even if u dun find...i know u can be happy even then...

  6. Gadha and Paagal Kutta were the names given to me by people who had not known each other and were separated in time and time zones. That's how much I deserved them. When I arrive here on Blogspot, I found that to my rage that all donkeys were taken. Felt terribly cheated. -:)
    With vengeance, I followed you all for years hoping to hold you accountable for the theft and the misery that is heaped on me.

    Friends of Van Gogh must be pardoned for all their sins and crimes. I am sure you would be grateful to me for that.

    If you have not read "Lust for Life", then you must do it now. If you have not watched the movie (Anthony Quinn's), send me your address so that I could send you a copy of the DVD.


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