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Feb 25, 2005

Do U Know - Artificial Fragrance can be a Foe

  • Symptoms might be headaches, sluggishness, streaming eyes, itching skin .
  • It has also been linked to astham, depression & hypertension.
  • A Canadian city became the first major center in North America when it introduced a (drastic?) policy, in public places including municipal offices, libraries, hospitals, courts , classrooms,buses...

This syndrome is ________

This syndrome is Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) syndrome.

Nisha,Wgaf,Spark got it right

Clinical research and anecdotal evidence suggest that our overuse of artificial fragrances makes them a major suspect in Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) syndrome, a catch-all term to describe a range of allergies and maladies thought to be caused by the increasing concentration of man-made chemicals in the atmosphere. And they suggest that what many of us dismiss as symptoms of everyday life - headaches, sluggishness, streaming eyes, itching skin - could be symptoms of fragrance-sensitivity, as chemicals are absorbed through the skin or inhaled.

Like cigarette smoke, the effects of fragrance chemicals are not restricted to the wearer

Canadian city Halifax, had instituted a policy of "no scents makes good sense", discouraging the wearing of cosmetic fragrances in municipal offices, libraries, hospitals, classrooms, courts and buses while Santa Cruz, in California, has banned fragrances from public meetings.


  1. Hi Donkey! Thanks for raising awareness about this problem. The degree of the problem for some of us with MCS is overwhelming as fragrance is being added to more and more products. Usually stores place scented products right next to unscented ones. The unscented ones absorb the fragrance anyway and that's enough to trigger a reaction. Hi all the way to India!

  2. cosmicchronic, :)
    well actually when i wrote about it in o3.indiatimes, many thought i had talked about a trivial issue.

    but i think many dont realise the consequence of havin artificial frag and the awareness is low in India:)

    Hi and thanks for the visit all the way from India:)


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