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Feb 19, 2005

Do U Know - Diabetes

  • A non communicable disease
  • Almost 3.2 million die from it every year
  • India has 30 -33 million patients suffering it
  • Every 4th patient in the world suffering from it, is an Indian
  • Indians are genetically more susceptible to it
  • WHO predicts the figure will be 40 million by 2010 & 74 million by 2075
    And India is going to become the Diabetes capital of the world.

    WHO chose India to host the fourth World Congress on prevention of diabetes and its complications recently. A study conducted in India by the Diabetic Research Centre team lead by Dr.A. Ramachandran in Chennai, has found that a change in lifestyle could prevent diabetics. A change in lifestyle meant regular exercise and proper diet as the study found that a sedentary lifestyle, stress and improper food habits accentuate the chances of contracting diabetes. WHO also decided to have India and Africa as sentinel sites for the campaign based on the `Diabetic Action Now' programme. for more

  • Diabetes and YouDo you think you could get diabetes.What do you think you should do to decrease the chances of getting itAnd most importantly, WHEN do you think you should think about it

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