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Feb 23, 2005

Apology - NASA ISD exam

On 17th Feb, I came across an item in on a boy from UP topping Nasa's ISD exam. And got the news confirmed from

Though it wasnt in tone with my other posts, I posted the feel good news the same day.

A non regular blogger questioned me on the authencity in a blogsite on 21st and therefore I tried to verify it with NASA website

It proved little difficult. And I couldnt find a press release, though its possible that the news item is there in the site, and my search faulty

I have used google and rediff search engines too to gather more details about this exam. But other than this item, couldnt find more on the topic.

Its possible that the exam exists, but i havent come across the links on it yet.
Today 23rd, there has been a press release from the President's office mentioning that Dr.Kalam had not appeared for the exam .

Of course though its possible that, even though Dr.Kalam had not appeared for the exam, the boy could have passed the exam.

And I am still trying to find more details on the same.

My sincere apologies to all the bloggers, for posting a news item which may not be true in part or in whole.

original post
17 year old Saurabh Singh from Narhai in Uttar Pradesh has topped NASA's International Scientist Discovery exam. Amazingly Saurabh had never heard of NASA ISD exam till he began preparing for his IIT entrance exams. Indian President.APJ Abdul Kalam, finished seventh in the test in 1960 and Kalpana Chawla, had stood 21st in 1988.

Congrats Saurabh Singh. We are proud of you.



    Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 February, 2005, 13:56 GMT
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    Doubt over Nasa boy exam triumph
    Saurabh Singh
    Saurabh Singh would not speak to the press on Wednesday
    The Indian prime minister has cancelled a meeting with a village boy who was reported to have won an international examination organised by Nasa.

    It had been widely reported that 17-year-old Saurabh Singh had beaten 200,000 students in the examination.

    The reports said President APJ Kalam had passed the same test.

    However, Mr Kalam's office has denied that he had ever taken the exam. Nasa officials say they are unaware of any such exam.

    The news of the boy's examination success had been reported widely in the Indian media and on the BBC News website.

    Doubts about the authenticity of the International Scientist Discovery examination appeared on the Indian website on Wednesday, shortly before Saurabh Singh was due to meet President Kalam in Delhi and be congratulated on his achievement.

    Later on Wednesday, Nasa spokeswoman Debbie Rahn, who has worked for the agency for more than 30 years, told the BBC News website: "I have been unable to confirm that such an exam exists. I have checked all the appropriate offices in Nasa."

    The president's spokesman, SM Khan, told the BBC that, contrary to widespread reports, President Kalam had never sat for such an examination.

    Journalists were eagerly waiting to talk to the boy and his father after their 10-minute meeting with the president.

    But Saurabh and his father refused to talk to the press and left in a car.

    The two were also supposed to meet Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh later on Wednesday.

    But the prime minister's press adviser Sanjaya Baru said that the meeting has been cancelled after the president's statement.


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