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Feb 21, 2005

Black - No Filmi Formulas

I am sure everyone by now has seen the movie Black or read its review.
I liked it. Because it didnt make use of :

The Standard Film Formulas for Blind. I can think of 12 but I am sure the creative directors have more in store


Romance Formula : A person falls in love with Rani and deliver dialogues about love being blind.

2.Good Ending Formula : Rani gets eyesight in the end, wants to thank Amitabh, but realises that Amitabh had given his life while saving her from some goons and had donated his eyes to her. (I dont why the films say its both eyes, when it will be one eye.)

3.Songs & dance in fun locations, whenever possible Formula : Songs from mother in agnoy, father in agony, heroine in agony or a dream in Swiss with songs to match

4. Unnecessary relations with a twist Formula : Amitabh doesnt have a son who marries Rani. Rani is not Amitabh's daughter who had been adopted. Or Amitabh isnt her long lost uncle. (Would require extra cast of grannies and grandpas and host of uncles with their wives).

5.Rape is a must Formula : An attempt to rape scene, Amitabh rescuing her in the nick of time, by bashing the goons.

6.Family oriented Hero Formula : A brother who lives for her (in between he will dance with the heroine, bash the villains, cry in agony after her rape and suicide and swear revenge and kill the badguys and tell a lengthy courtroom dialogue and then get released due to public support or if punished,get released after couple of months)

7.Revenge Formula : Someone to blame and avenge. Perhaps an enemy of her honest father who got killed, who is responsible for her medical condition. She swears revenge and with Amitabh's help avenges her medical condition. Formula no.2,5 etc can also be combined with it

8.Success feels good Formula : She succeeds at college immediately, scores the top rank and a song follows

9.Song is always a good Climax Solution Formula : Amitabh teaches her a piano tune. And in the climax in a party, she plays the tune and it all comes back to Amitabh and he sings a song.

10.Blackmagic Formula : She becomes blind because of some evil powers. And there is a quest for a diamond which will enable her to get sight and hear. Amitabh is not just a teacher but a vampire slayer in disguise as a teacher :)

11.Blind Person's best friend Formula : Can be adapted with other formulas. Has a dog which helps her in revenge or romance etc.

12.Go Tech Formula : Amitabh is an alien who gives her eyesight and hearing capablities, before leaving for his planet

By the way, I think many forget the other black, Its black not just when there isnt light, but its also black when you dont have your life, your memories. Lets cherish the gifts we have, and appreciate the responsibilities that go with it.

For those of you touched by the movie, sure we cant bring light to every visually challenged person. But after our death we can make a difference for two persons.

If its irritating, just to find a post in black, imagine how it would be to spend the life in darkness or in silence.

Please dont hurt the eyes

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  1. Nice Imagination there ("clap clap") - why dont u try 2 script a Bollywood movie :D. Had Black even used one of those formulas - then it sure wld hve been a horror movie :O

  2. havent seen the film. so it aint the normal sitar-in-the-background with heroes delivering mouthfull dialougues heroines standing eyes beady/watery while the rest of the crowd stands transfixed (WTF ?) ??
    bah ! i hate this bollywood movies. the only one exception is ram gopal verma who makes some sensible movies.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Gayathri,

    I saw your comment in my Times Blog 'Marina Machchi!' at

    Arrested for laughing!I also blog in Tamil at

    தமிழ் உலா -என்றென்றும் அன்புடன், பாலாPl. have a look if you can read Tamil :-))

    என்றென்றும் அன்புடன்,

  5. saw black last week, costed 15$s, normally i don't watch a hindi movie in halls here also being a bhansali flick i thought it might be a sequal of devdas, an after story where he is alive and blind, hence, becomes "surdas" but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
    goodthoughts from u too,good on you matey!

  6. mehul :))
    yes it was a pleasant suprise and thankfully not a devdas sequel:)


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