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Feb 26, 2005

Worthless not Priceless

Two pegs of whisky - 500 rupees , Four tequilla shots - 1000 rupees, Six cans of beers - 300 rupees
Driving home the girl who drank all this - WORTHLESS!!!

Muse : Hold on, you are writing an old internet forward the wrong way.
Self : I know, but this is the way scientists would write it.

Muse : Stop talking in riddles
Self :,curpg-1.cms
The results of a research showed that, generally speaking, the greater the amount of alcohol drunk, the less likely a woman was to initiate sex. While alcohol appears to have a sexual lubricant effect in men, quite the reverse seems true for women.

Muse : Interesting but surely there is a broader issue to think about.
Self : Well John Gray had already written in "The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution" the same food brings about different reactions in men and women.There has been studies, on how the same intakes has different effects for men and women and perhaps in future, some medicines too could take into account these factors..

Muse : Stop, bettter just rewrite the internet forward only.

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