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Mar 20, 2006

Earlier Psycho Now a Pest

It wasnt easy telling people I am studying MSc Applied Psychology. Now I shudder to think of the reaction to my latest career choice. And while I could "defend" my choice of psychology by saying its my passion. I am absolutely confused on how I could explain my current choice. OK there are worse choices like becoming a manual scavenger or an the doctor who has to do the autopsy or homemaker. But still...

Aaah you are wondering what could be worse? The reason I am keeping it a suspense, is the fear that once you would read it, you would utter an aargh and stop visiting my blog.

No its not politics. Its sob, sob worse. Can you think of a person you would consider a pest? Hmmm thankfully I am not into MLM or marketing credit cards or personal loans.

Well atleast now I know what I should do when I dont want to socialise with someone. Just mention my career.

OK OK I will cut short the suspense. Its uh hmmm Insurance Advisor. And I will be in Chennai till 19th April.

Now on why I want to become an Insurance Advisor, well, I am convinced it has some connection with being a Leo. If it had been phrased Insurance Agent, I would have NEVER gone near it. But Advisor seems sooooooooo much better.

And now for the clarifications :
Just because I have choose to become an Insurance Advisor DOESN'T MEAN

1.I will blog about it in Wise Donkey. I love it when I google Gayathri Eswar and get hits of various Wise Donkey blogposts. And I am capable of compartmentalising different spheres of my life to an extent. And I realise that if I keep writing about Insurance I am not going to have readers and its boring to blog when one has no one to read it. I prefer my Aarghs and Do U Knows and my relationship posts when it comes to blogging.

2.If anyone ever decides to talk with me for 5 minutes, I will spend the entire 5 minutes talking about Insurance. Now perhaps I should print it on my TShirt or the Dupatta.

3.I have ruled out becoming a Psychologist. Just because I havent given the exams this year, doesnt mean, I dont care about Psychology. I have all the time in the world for everything, hmmm I think.

4.I will use my messagebot or other email ids I have collected till now for my blog to talk about iinsurance. I cant extend the same promise for forwards. Anything to fight forwards and group emails as far as I am concerned. Though I dont want to become a spammer

5.I will talk about insurance in the blog meets (Assuming that I will be ever invited to one)

6.I wont appreciate gestures of goodwill from fellow bloggers (You dont have to take out policies through me, asking me to send an email about it would be enough)

7.I will fast or protest outside any person's home, just because they have declined to take out a policy through after evincing interest initially.

8.I have a contagious disease and its unsafe to talk with me

9.I had planned this career. Like everything else, this too is an accident.

10.My decision hasnt been affected by people asking me what I do now or worse the fear of getting a smirk when I call some VJ or DJ. After all saying you are a blogger or homemaker doesnt have the same effect as saying you are an Insurance Advisor.

11.I cant make a positive difference. Anywhere, anytime, a positive difference however small, has always been my goal. And if I dont achieve the targets, as long as I dont become someone I dont want to, I would be happy.

12.I will be a lousy Insurance Advisor. I might have the donkey in my name, but dont forget the wise too :D

Mar 9, 2006

Women's Day

There is no need to idolise women
There is no need to demonise women
Just accepting that they are humans like men, would be fine.

The UN had found that women do two-thirds of the world’s work,
while receiving less than 5% of its income,
and owning less than 1% of all assets.
The United Nations further calculated that if women’s work were counted worldwide, their unpaid labor would be worth $11 trillion a year.

Well this might be some years back, but then with data of this kind it does makes sense to have a Women's Day. But I think its pretty stupid to just wish women, because there are plenty of men who care for issues relating to women, and surely there are women who care for issues relating to men. Rather than think in terms of women-men, wouldnt it be better to think in terms of Human Rights?

Belated Women's Day Wishes to All Bloggers.

Mar 5, 2006

Power of One - Spirit of Seed

The soil was overwhelming
Though small and against the might
It was ready to proceed
To face the world, the small seed.

It didnt worry, wondering if it would get water
The essense of life is to grow inspite of challenges
With this attitude who wont succeed?
When down in dumps, I try to learn from the seed

Mar 1, 2006

Single and Still Complete

Even though I have a happy marriage, I am a staunch supporter of those who want to remain single. And by single I dont mean live in relationships, but just feeling complete even if one doesnt have relationships.
As I said earlier, relationships are more like bungee jumping , not for everyone , though it can have its unmatched moments of thrills.

And staying single is still not easy these days. And I am not talking about the Child Marriage practice which exists almost everywhere in India.

Its not just parents colleagues neighbours and the milkman/woman. Its impossible to maintain an inbox without receiving an email about the various girls/guys who are waiting just for you, and who would, with a flash of magic, make your now miserable life heavenly.
And if its not marriage its dating. In any and every website.

So in face of this social pressure, how does one convince oneself to stay single when one Wants to stay Single. Well some gender neutral thoughts on the advantages of staying single.
1.You dont have to worry about making the right choice.
2.You wont have to worry about being dumped.
3.You dont have the illusion of not being single. After all many relationships do break. Before or after marriage.
4.You dont have to share the Computer, TV, Bathroom, Money and well everything else. Otherwise its only the mobile which you dont have to share.Worse you could end up with a mate who prefers the most irritating ringtone. (You may avoid the terrible TV programs with 2 TVs and terrible movies with strictly single viewing decision and terrible music taste with headphones or earplugs, but ringtones!!)
5.Perhaps you dont have to put up with inlaws who are always suspicious of you
6.Perhaps you dont have to be euphoric and look enthusiastic with your mate and then discover your mate is cheating on you with your "best" friend or a murderer or a golddigger or a maniac. They flash warning signs on mutual funds ads but unfortunately not on dating and matrimonial ads.
7.You dont have to remember more birthdays and valentine days and worry over gifts for your mate. And on birthdays, who knows better than you, what you like. Just buy one present for yourself.
8.You can travel anywhere without taking into account any other preferences. And if you forget to switch off the lights, no one would smirk at you and berate you for being irresponsible.
9.You can have a career or decide to not have a career without worrying what it would also mean for the family.
10. Perhaps you can be more responsible and learn to take care of yourself, instead of believing someone will care for you forever only to be shattered later.
11.You dont have to worry about the mate's moods, preferences etc or read books on the right method to tell your mate about body odour
12.Perhaps , you can read this blog at home, without your mate looking over your shoulder wondering if you are having an online affair. Or you may not have to worry about your mate having an affair while you are blogging.

At worst people will wonder if you are homosexual or have a "broken heart" or or if you havent started using the right fairness cream.
If you give some of these reasons you will be accused of being selfish. But whats the point of life if you cant live the life the way you want to.
Your parents will ask for someone to look after you/ after them etc. But then just point out your mate could be like someone unpleasant from their favourite soap.
Your friends might trying fixing you on blind dates. Well if you dont want it, just dump them or send this blog post link to them till they get the message.
Sure you could end up as virgins, but then marriage or any other kind of relationships arent guarantee for great sex either. And anyway you wouldnt also have to worry about unwanted pregnancies or HIV from oral sex (Medium HIV risk) or french kissing (Now who checks the partners mouth with a torch to check for open wounds in the mouth??) And you dont have to worry about the other sexually transmitted diseases. Anyway dont confuse relationship with sex. One could always find like minded sensible persons, who want you for your body and not your mind, money, soul etc and will not be hypocritical about it.
And last but not the least you wont have someone to blame for your mistakes.
And a person to sign forms when you are hospitalised..But then whats the point of life you cant live it the way you want to live?
Orphans survive, and if you want to, so can you in this society without entering into relationships for the sake of it.
So if you want to; decide you want to stay,
single and enjoy life on your terms everyday.

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