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Jul 25, 2007

Boss Rules

Life Rules re Boss :
1.The previous one is always better than the present one. (Even previously).

2.The Boss never recognises your hardwork ,even if the Boss recognises, the Boss will do nothing about it.

3.The Boss never thinks you work for money.

4.The Boss thinks, your personal work is just an excuse to not work late or on weekends and the Boss's personal work, is just part of your job description.

5.The Boss arrives early, just on the days you arrive, late.

6.The Boss hardly works and expects you to work hard.

7.The Boss will recommend to the management to hold a routine meeting in Europe (with family), but will not understand why you need a raise of Rs.500 after 5 years or a day off when your family member is sick.

8.The Boss will convince you things will change, when you get a better opportunity. Even if you escape, you will realise better opportunity doesn't mean a better Boss. (Refer Rule 1).

9.The Boss will tell you to do 54 things at a time. And the last thing you do, would have been the most urgent one.

10.The Boss expects you to start working, just when you think you are done for the day.

11.While communicating to the management, the good stuff, you did were due to Guidance from Boss. And the mistakes you made, (because you did as you were told), are Yours forever.

12.The Boss will tell I told you so, even in situations, when you think, I told you so.

13.The Boss will volunteer for additional responsibilities, from the management, on your behalf.

14.The Boss will always criticise you, in front of the colleague you despise and, or your subordinates.

15.The Boss will expect you to do the dirty work and take responsibility if it back fires, and even go to prison, if required.

So the above stuff is pretty obvious. How does one handle the situation?

1.Accept, Accept, Accept. Life is not meant to be fair. And the Boss is supposed to teach this valuable Life Lesson to you.

2.Be Thankful, if your Boss, is better than the Boss mentioned above.

3.If your Boss is worse, maybe you should think about being independent.

4.Forget the Boss, when you finally get some time of your own. Its pointless to waste more precious minutes of your Life, on something that can't change. Never Brood about Boss.

5.Hope, that one day you can be the Boss.

6.Dont pray for you to become your Boss's Boss. Its likely to be granted by Life. You will be still be prey to that personality. And its worse being bossed by your subordinate.

7.Praise the Boss, even for the silliest reason. Its not what you say, but how you make the Boss feel. And dont be dumb enough to criticise the Boss, directly. If you want to disagree, make it appear, the dumb suggestion, would have been suggested by another colleague, to trap your Boss into mistakes. Make it a Us vs Them situation.

8.If you can, praise the Super Boss (the Boss of the Boss), to the Super Boss, in the absence of your Boss. But never criticise your Boss to the Super Boss. (The Super Boss doesnt care about the Boss, You or the Company).

9.Never think, this is all I need to do, to please the Boss. Many believe the request list of a single Boss, is bigger than the size of the Universe.

10.The Boss will always come across any nasty stuff you mention. Unless you are the Boss, never agree with this Blog:)

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