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Feb 26, 2006


Waiting for the Day
When "The Complete Man" can be Gay.

It has been my favourite ad for quite some years, but perhaps I am expecting too much :D
If homosexuality ever becomes legal in India, which would be the first ad to talk about it?
Hopefully not the fairness cream segment:)

Feb 25, 2006

Pilgrim - Millions

Dear God
Instead of waiting for the day I get millions (eerrr I am not asking for billions), let me realise that I have more than what millions of peole have, and let me utilise every rupee wisely:)

Feb 20, 2006

Me Myself and I - Beast

Cried while travelling today morning
Not for the dead baby or faraway hubby (not that I dont miss him)
Not at the auto fare (Tear glands would dry off in couple of days, if one started crying for every exhorbitant fare in Chennai)

Parents might stay just few buildings, off the main road
But its stressful street for me, due to the street dogs on that street.
And its always a dilemma when mom accompanies me.
Since the dogs know she would get a biscuit for them
They would definitely come near me
But with her around surely they wont bark or bite at me

Aaah thankfully the big black and white one wasnt around
The smart one who follows mom only when the corner tea shop is open
Only one other dog on the street and someone was giving it a biscuit.
And then mom mentions about the big black and white one

Few days back a guy had called out to it
And when it went to him, wagging its tail,
He burnt it with the bidi in his hand
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr well thats the thought in my mind

But the dog simply had gone back to its earlier position.
Not a bark Not a bite

Cant comprehend the cruelty
And worse cant comprehend why the dog choose to forgive.

And even though I look stupid,
Cant help the tears.

And next time when I walk that street
Rather than worry if the dog would go for my throat,
would have to watch out for the "inhuman" human
Unfortunately that isnt easy

Feb 12, 2006

Valentine's Day Dont Dos

10 things you need not do on Valentine's Day

1.Propose just because its Valentine's Day
If you are in love, everyday is a Valentine's Day. But dont pressurise yourself into a decision, just because of a calendar date.
( )

2. Equate your self esteem with the number of cards/gifts you receive.
What matters is not what others think of you, but what you think of yourself.

3.Think sadly about your ex.
Your ex is an ex for a reason. Dont waste your time, celebrate life, everyday. And make it a point to pamper yourself and celebrate life on this day. Your first love should be you, and if you dont love yourself, who will?

4.Think the biggest and best flowers/ cards/ candies mean more love
They just mean spending more money. And more money is not the same as more love

5.Throw stones at others celebrating Valentine's Day
Live and let live :)

6.Think you need not wish your loved one, because you are already in a relationship and you had celebrated it in the past
Its always feels nice to be wished :) And why take anyone for granted.

7.Compare your Valentine's Day with that of your friend, colleague etc
Thats just a waste of time, you know that right?

8.Think you have to have a plan just because everyone around you has one
Its your life, do what you want, dont want what others do. Celebrate it if you want on your own, Celebrate it with someone else or just ignore it. But just dont worry over what others are doing.

9.Think its the end of the world if your loved ones forgets it
I agree that its almost impossible with all the marketing but please there is always Feb 15th, just celebrate it the next day, instead of fighting over it

10.Worry over the single status
If Valentine's Day is the day of love, the first person you should love is yourself. Go pamper yourself and as I said earlier, if you dont love yourself, if you dont think you are worth pampering, if you dont think you are worth your time; who will?

Its just another calendar date, but just like other calendar dates, make the best out of it:)
Happy Valentine's Date to all Bloggers:)

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Feb 8, 2006

Aargh Diaries - Service Tax Campaign and Mothers

The Service Tax Ad Campaign tells the children to ask their Father if he has paid Service Tax. Why just Father? Why not parents?

Is it because there are no mothers out there who may have to pay Service Tax? Now thats not possible, since I know a mother who pays Service Tax.

So I went and asked that lady, if she felt insulted, by this hmmm, lack of recognition.

She retorted "Insulted? No. Perhaps the Central Excise Department thinks, the mothers dont evade the Service Tax and hence no need for the children to remind their mothers."


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