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Nov 29, 2005

Do U Know - Delhi Water Usage

According to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the average water requirement of a Delhi citizen is 160 litres per capita daily (lpcd).

Delhi, as a city, ranks highest in per capita availability of water -- about 280-300 lpcd. But the distribution of this water is extremely inequitable.

On an average, each room in a five-star hotel consumes 1600 litres of water every day.
Konfusd and Ramses got it right.

Delhi, as a city, ranks highest in per capita availability of water -- about 280-300 lpcd.
The Planning Commission has estimated the average requirement for different income groups130 lpcd for lower-income groups, 150 lpcd for middle-income groups, and 200 lpcd for higher-income groups. The average comes to 160 lpcd.

The prime minister’s house at 1 Race Course Road accounts for around 73,300 litres of water per day,
and the presidential residence, Rashtrapati Bhavan, consumes about 67,000 litres per day. Similarly, ministers’ residences consume 30,000-45,000 litres per day.VIP residences consume over 30,000 litres per day.

But 78% of Delhi’s citizens, who live in sub-standard settlements, struggle to collect or buy 30-90 litres per capita per day

The source and for more information

Search Engines allowed Answer on Thursday .
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Reach for the Remote

I reach for the remote when I see on TV

1.Uma Bharati.
Now she is in, now she is out. Its pointless for me to keep score.

2.Mahesh Bhatt on some panel
I know what he is going to say.

3.A star talking about the "difference" in the latest movie
Oh yeah, so instead of songs in New Zealand its Greece

I can watch after 2 years and still will know the story, why waste time watching it now.

Raymond and few others are fun. The rest are either stupid, sleazy or shrill.

6.Cookery Shows
Some recipes should come with the warning : This is being done by professionals, dont try this at home.
And since I never know which ones are supposed to have the warning, avoid them.

7.Countdown Shows
I used to watch them loooong ago, but then now think its pointless, and why get worked up over your favourite being at number two, when two years from now, you wouldnt remember it.

8.Party coverage
Not political party, the social kind. Huh invariably all are going to say "I am having a great time". And my idea of great time is not watching someone say "Having a great time" 50 times a week.

9.Weird "Godmen" news
A new one every month.

10.Stammering VJs or Stuttering and Smug News Anchors or Shrill Reporters
I just cant stand it. I can atleast understand VJs who just stand around talking stupid stuff and trying to act cool and cute, but why do TV Anchors go.. huh, wittth etc. And its so irritating when they put on a smug face when talking about others. OK the reporters have, distracting sounds, but even when they dont have to, they tend to be shrill (even NDTV) and I want to say, calm down, calm down to them.

Oh plz

No thank you I dont want to become taller, lose weight painlessly and quickly, whiten my tooth or solve all my problems through a machine.

The result, I end up watching the weather reports.

So when do you reach for the remote?

Nov 28, 2005

Puma huh

Got this from

What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

  • Reserved : Well yeah right
  • overly-critical : Aargh, thats true
  • sometimes a bit on the cranky side : Absolutely
  • you know where your place is : Yeah, but it doesnt help when you are a Leo and tend to think the world revolves around you.
  • dont bother impressing people : Simply because being true to yourself and being sincere scores :)
  • you have few friends : Very true
  • but lot or respect from others as well : Dont know, but better be true:D
  • people see you as mysterious : No disagree
  • because you dont enjoy opening up to others : I dont open up to others, because others wont enjoy it, and I care for humanity..

But still not bad test I guess

Asked hubby to take the test, he is a bear:)
Asked him to guess which one I would be, and he got it right immediately.
Seems the reserved and cranky, were big clues along with mysterious(!).

The Options are : Badger, Horse, Wolf, Bear, Coguar(Puma), Otter, Crow

Standard Response

The standard response for many things from some would be the "injured finger" (hope the person who came with this idea got a good bonus:D) and its verbal equivalent.
Well for me its Blog it.

Yesterday, there was an One Day International between England and India in Faridabad. Dont feel guilty if you didnt know about it. Even Burkha Dutt - NDTV didnt know about it. And came to know about it only because she was going to do a program on Women and Sports.
And yesterday night, even after the program, when I went through their website, didnt find a mention of it.
Well I am not going to blame the media.
No coverage is better than headlines like Sexiest Women Cricketer or the Hockey Player who looks Hot in Mini Skirt.

So back to my standard response.
Its blog it. But rather than write a post lamenting about it, decided to start a blog with information about it.

I am still naive enough to believe that awareness is important.
So have started the blog FYI . It just gives minimum details about Indian sports, excluding Men's cricket. Since there are plenty of blogs on it.
I would love it, if it becomes comprehensive. And I dont know if I would be able to find the time to maintain it. And frankly I am intimidated by the thought. Perhaps one should think twice before the “standard response“. After all I dont have a media manager to explain it away creatively.

Scared and would appreciate support and suggestions for this blog.

Nov 24, 2005

Dumped and Down in Dumps

Never mind the reason or (the excuse), you think you have been Dumped!And now you feel you are Down in the Dumps.

Well here is a checklist for you, to help you bounce back.

1.Moody Music
Music might be good, but watch out for the lyrics too. Dump "How am I supposed to live without you" and go for "I will Survive". Same goes for movies books and arts.

Need not burn the photographs and letters and some memorabilia from your first date together. But dont spend your time with them either. Gazing at them and sobbing with them for 32nd time isnt going to bring back the person into your life. Lock them and put them away.

3.Perhaps things would work out
Well great if you could get back. But do think twice. If the message is a clear Baby I am dumping you, think twice before rushing back and saying Oh I want you so badly and will do anything for you. You might do Anything for Love, but just dont do that. Dignity is important.

4."Exposing" Ex
Hmmm yeah yeah all the negative points start to roll. And you want to tell the world what a rotten person, your ex was. But don't go overboard. Everyone has plus and minus points. It could always get around to your ex and why make things nastier. Be diplomatic and dont brood over it while talking about it to others.

5.Race you to find the next love
Be open for new relationships, but dont be desperate. And please be mature, dont get into one relationship, just to show off to your ex. The new relationship could develop complications too

6.Oh I am so unlucky
Well all have ups and downs. And sometimes its so great to be just alive. After all you arent amongst the
24000 people who die Everyday from hunger. So stop making the rounds of every astrologer or brooding to yourself on why should I be so unlucky. You are alive, you are not unlucky.

7.I just wanna die
Who said you are not going to die? Everyone dies. So stop thinking about speeding it. Think of this as your second life and enjoy it.

8.I will never get another one
Uh never say never. The point is, even if you never get another, that doesn't mean you can't live, happily. You have got yourself, and You are Complete.

9.Something is wrong with me
Well it could be or it couldn't be. But a relationship is not just about wrong or right but about compatibility and love. If you think you need to be different in something, be different, but do it because you want to do it, not because you want a relationship.

10.Perhaps I should be just friends
Nothing wrong in being friendly, but make the boundaries clear. And its stupid, to say I just want to be friends and then obsessing if perhaps, there was more to the smile..

11.Let me find comfort in food/alcohol/drugs
Watch out you could end up with more problems

12.I have the Right to Roar with Rage
If one relationship goes wrong, doesn't give you the right to sabatoge other relationships. So however tempting it is to vent your frustration at family,friends and colleagues, do go easy on them too:)

13.I am embarrassed and can't face the world and want to Crawl into a hole
Its your life, live it. If others bother you with it, look them in the eye, lift an eyebrow and say Oh yeah, So what? If they care about you, they are not going to taunt or embarass you. Why care what those who don't care for you think or say?

14.I will be always wrong and can never make the right choice
Uh. No child can walk with the first step and if every child think, hey I stumbled, I shouldn't try walking, the whole world would be crawling not walking or running:) Sure next time be careful, but please don't give up. Its not natural. Go get the world, fighter.
15.Wherever Ex goes: Perhaps if I keep appearing in front of my ex, things would change / I will avoid everything connected with Ex
Hey people get scared of stalkers, dont fall in love with them. Don't force your ex to get a restraining order. At the same time, if there are places and persons whom you have to visit, for reasons OTHER than your ex, do visit. Just be cool, polite and keep a distance, when you come across your ex in those situations

16.I have to be happy : I am very determined to be happy. And I will tell all I AM VERRRY HAPPY
Forced cheerfulness, is ok to an extent. But please don't pressurise yourself too much to feel something you aren't feeling. Its ok to feel sad. Acknowledge the pain, before deciding to move on. And its ok to cry for a while, if you want (like the rest, this is for guys and gals)

17.I just cant stop thinking about my Ex
Hey its not easy to forget. At the same time, don't be obsessed. Accept your ex is Ex. Whats worse than the time not being with your Ex, is to regret tommorrow that you spent today, thinking about Ex.

18.My Ex is now with my friend!
Dump your friend too. And move on.

19.My Ex is getting married! To go or not to go
Hmmm, if you get an invitation and if you Want to go, go. And make sure you don't have expectations of your ex deciding at the last moment to marry you:) But if you dont get an invitation, please don't go.

20.I want revenge
The best revenge is to NOT let it affect you. Just be yourself. Instead of thinking I will not do this, because the other person would want me to do it, do what You want.

Precious Minutes
This minute is precious, so is every minute after this. You climbed Mount Everest and had a fantastic view. And unfortunately, now you feel like you have been pushed down. But that doesn't mean you can't recover, and decide in future to climb another peak either.

You had good time, now its tough time.
Don't regret,
Forgive, but don't Forget
Every minute you live is a gift to you.

You may feel exhausted and want to lie down for a while
But have a plan of getting up refreshed too.

You have a choice, to brood and feel low for a long time
Or decide to bounce back.
The past can be a hammock or a springboard.

The choice is yours
Its your life, don't let your beautiful minutes, be taken away.
It may not be in your hands on how others treat you
But you and you alone are in control of how you treat yourself.
Don't dump yourself, You deserve better and the best:)

This post is not about stopping you from loving your Ex,
but to tell you, your love for your Ex,
shouldn't stop you from a happier life:)
if your Ex decides to not reciprocate your love

PS : This post like other
Relationships posts is gender neutral :)

I will be dumping you

Wrote this last week in O3 but due to net probs, couldnt post it here.
Muse : Aaw dont be disappointed that people didnt blog about maternal mortality today. If you are really keen, here are some tips to get maternal mortality attention

1.Ask Ekta to write a serial, Kyunki Maa Mar Gayi Thi

2.Ask Mallika Sherawat to write Every minute, Everday, a woman dies due to childbirth in the world on her bare back.

3.Spread a rumour that Saurav Ganguly told Greg that ever since he heard A woman dies every 5 minutes in India due to childbirth, he loses concentration every 5 minutes. (Saurav may be out of team, but still is not out of talk)

4.Spread a rumour that it will be asked in Kaun Banega Crorepathi - 2

5.Spread a rumour that Osama is behind the deaths. Maybe Bush would care. And when Bush cares, the world starts caring.

Self goes away sulking
And Muse starts singing

Everytime week I post
A Do U Know post
Going crazy almost
On what I hate the most
I will be dumping you

Every single day
About them you think all day
Will it make bloggers sway
That wont happen no way
I will be dumping you

Oh cant you see
The posts are no glee
How my poor heart aches
With these posts I make

The difference Self dreams
Through this series scheme
Is just a boring scream
And she sulks and screams
I will be dumping you

After answer each week, response she thinks disgrace
She asks why when the truth she cant face
Look all around, something light embrace
I keep crying baby, baby, please...

Oh cant you see
Its so boring please
How my poor heart aches
with every post I make

Issues no one cares
That aint my problem,its theirs
Cricket team we care
Or when starlets bare
I will be dumping you

These points Self makes today
Will be forgotten next day
I will be dumping you

I will be dumping you
I will be dumping you
I will be dumping you
I will be dumping you

Post no.
well due to net problem had to cancel the do u know this week. dunno how much of that was due to muse singing dumping you..

Pilgrim - Black Cat

Long long ago, a sage used to worship an idol under a banyan tree in a village.
One day a black cat appeared in that area. And much to the sage's distress, it tried to drink the milk before he could offer it to God.
He had to shoo it away frequently, and thus was unable to concentrate on his prayers.

Therefore from the next day, before starting his prayers, he would search for the cat, tie it to a nearby tree and then start praying.
And release the cat after finishing his prayers.

After his death, the villagers decided to continue the worship of the idol.
And some laters, even a temple was built for the idol.

But every morning the villagers would not begin the prayers before searching for a black cat and tying it the nearby tree. And if they couldnt find a black cat to tie, the temple would remain closed on that day.

One day a little girl took pity on the tied, mewing cat and offered it milk from her house. She got a thrashing from her parents for offering milk to the cat, before the prayers could be completed at the temple. But I think, atlast, God drank the milk, which the devotees wanted to offer.

Whenever there is a custom I have to follow, I think of this story. The credit for the first part of the story, goes to my mother, and I just added my own version to it:)

Pilgrim is a new series.
Post number : 217

Nov 15, 2005

Do U Know - Uttar Pradesh Maternal and Child Health

It has the highest maternal mortality rate in the country since nearly 40,000 women lose their lives giving birth, each year. Thus roughly one out of every 15 maternal deaths worldwide takes place in Uttar Pradesh

(The answer on Thursday. Search Engines allowed.)


spark P-H-A-N-T-O-M Sunny got it right. ideasgalore Navin came close.

A maternal death audit conducted by the ministry of health and family planning showed that the maternal mortality rate in Uttar Pradesh was 707 per 100,000, whereas for the rest of India the figure was 404 per 100,000.

Uttar Pradesh's statistics on maternal and child health

Total population of Uttar Pradesh: 16.6 crore (2001 census)

Around 54,00,000 children are born in Uttar Pradesh each year.

Of these, 450,000 infants die before they are one year old,

275,000 infants die before the age of one month.

Of the more than 54,00,000 pregnant women, only 225,000 receive the full check-up and care that they require during pregnancy.

Over 40,00,000 women deliver without any skilled attendant present, and

over 45,00,000 deliver at home.

Of the women who deliver at home, 42,00,000 are not visited by a health worker even two months after childbirth.

Conditions at government health centres and hospitals - The Government of India conducted a survey to understand the status of government healthcare facilities in 2000. The report on Uttar Pradesh mentions:

Total number of Primary Health Centers surveyed: 486.
Only 10 had a working telephone, 418 did not have a working vehicle.
A medical officer was not present at 107 PHCs. Female health staff was not complete in 442 PHCs; Male staff was incomplete in 403 places.
342 PHCs did not have labour room equipment;
418 places did not have normal delivery kits; and 467 places did not have emergency delivery kits/drugs.

Of a total number of 34 first referral units surveyed (FRUs are hospitals like community health centres and district hospitals where facilities for Caesarean operations should be available),
16 FRUs did not have a working vehicle,
24 FRUs did not have a telephone.
Eighteen FRUs had an obstetrician posted,
but only two places had an anaesthetist.
Anaesthesia equipment was available in 16 places, but emergency labour drugs were only available in six places.
Oxygen cylinders were available in 19 places.

Source1 Source2

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Post No.216

Leos think

When non-Leos think
Thank you God,
Leos think
God have others, thanked you, for creating Leos

When non-Leos think
I deserve my Boss' post
Leos think
I ought to be the Boss of my Boss

When non-Leos think
I am right because __
Leos think
I am right because I can never be wrong

When non-Leos think
This person is flattering me, its probably for the wrong reasons
Leos think
This person is telling the truth, though perhaps unaware its the truth

When non-Leos think
I like attention
Leos think
I deserve attention

When non-Leos think
There are 12 zodiacs
Leos think
There are mainly two, Leos and non-Leos

When non-Leos think
Leos are lazy
Leos think
Royalty Rules, Doesn't Do

When non-Leos think
Sex change surgery! The things that can be changed..
Leos think
Ha ! There is no surgery to make a non-Leo, Leo

When non-Leos think
Leos are Bossy in relationships
Leos think
Its so tough to be superior and pretend to be an equal

When non-Leos think
This post is a waste of time
Leos think
Nothing about Leos are waste of time

When non-Leos think
The author of this post must be a non-Leo to criticise Leo
Leos think
Only a Leo can appreciate another Leo

When non-Leos think
World would be better if there were no Leos
Leos think
If there were no Leos there would be no world

PS : While writing your comments, make sure the Leo is spelled with a capital L. Leos don't care what how you spell the world.

Nov 13, 2005

Perplexed about Premarital Sex?

These reasons aren't enough, to have premarital sex.

1.My friends are doing it
You are not your friends. You have your own identity.

2.It would be cool
When you want to be something you arent, you are Wannabe Kewl not Cool.

3.I would lose my partner
If your partner cant respect your decisions, you ought to dump the partner.

4.I dont want my friends/partner to think I could be gay
Better be thought a gay, then being in a closet and doing things you dont want to.

5.What if I die tommorrow?
Why are you terminally ill or verrrrrry old? Well I do know there could be a tsunami or earthquake or a terrorist attack. And you could be an unfortunate victim.But we dont yell at our Boss thinking what if I die tommorrow, or spend everything in the bank thinking what if I die tommorrow.

6.Its seem so great in the movies
People jump from tall buildings and never get hurt in the movies.

7.I feel bored
Get a hobby

8.I feel lousy now perhaps I would feel better after sex
10 minutes afer sex you are probably going to feel lousy too. And if you dont really want to do it, and have sex just because you think it will make you feel great, you are just expecting too much and perhaps will end up feeling lousier.

9.I have the money and someone needs the money.
Its unethical and illegal (Yes I Know you Know).
And those who get caught never thought they would get caught.

10.Porn feels good, sex should feel better.
Looking at an icecream advertisement is not the same as eating a melted icecream. Things could get sticky and yucky too. And you might not like the flavour.
Those in the ads, are paid to look as if they are enjoying it.

11.Someone hot and popular wants to do it with me!
Chocolate is great, but 15 minutes after having it, you are not going to feel great. Its never worth it if you really dont want it.

12.I want to blog about it or talk about it
Read couple of other blogs which are on it, and blog. None would know the difference. Or better blog about something different about you. If talking about it, is the reason for it, or if thats the added advantage, well generally its supposed to be personal..

new 13.The magic of unknown.
If thats your only reason, ask yourself, if your are going to stop after it becomes known. The best thing about the sex doesnt lie in the first time. Then people would do it only once:) By the way, the magic of Yelling back at the Professor or Boss is unknown to many too:)

new 14. I have done it in the past
Sex is not just a habit. Let it be meaningful to you. Every breath of life, is an opportunity to be yourself. Just because you thought it was fine, in the past doesnt mean you would think its fine now.

new 15.Kissing, Oral Sex etc are not the same as intercourse.
Yeah of course they arent. But whatever the nature of the sexual act, dont do it for the wrong reasons

Whats enough? Well if you really want to do it for yourself and after you have considered the Premarital Sex Checklist

1. Spontaneous maybe fun, but definitely not at the cost of safe sex. There is nothing romantic about unplanned premarital pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Dont rely on peer knowledge, better to get the doubts clarified from a doctor.

3. Be prepared also for the possibility of a seperation in future. If you are having sex, kissing, oral sex etc, only in the belief that the person will marry you , well why not wait a few more years. If these activities, make you feel vulnerable and if you think you will not be able to emotionally handle, a seperation later, dont.

4. Never have sex just to prove your love. This is just a form of emotional blackmail. The partner can always " prove the love" by going for a socially recognised method of "proving love".

5. Look around before exposing or indulging in sexual activities. One of the key ingredients of the Jalgaon scandal which happened some years ago was women being duped in the name of love, and recording the act and then blackmailing into doing more , with the video.

6. Be prepared for police raids if you are doing it in a public place and not your home (Check TOI on the number of people caught in "cola bars"in Gujarat and cyber cafes in UP etc).

7. Dont allow yourself to be photographed while doing something or while exposing yourself , by mobile cameras etc (Do I have to explain why??)

8. Oral sex is Medium HIV risk. Kissing can be a risk if you have open wounds. This is just for HIV, if you are so keen on having sex, do a basic research on other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

9.Even if its just casual sex, think of the consequences if your future life partner gets to know about it. Think if you would be able to face any problems created due to this.

10.Also worth a check : The age of your partner and if the partner has another jealous "partner" or a family member with homicidal tendencies
So this concludes the post on premarital sex
For both the chromosones, xy and xx
Its really not very complex
But better, to exercise these mental checks.

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Post No. 211.

Nov 8, 2005

Do U Know - India China 1962 war

India went beyond its own claim and the army was ordered to attack. Hit back, it resulted in the death of over 4000 soldiers of this country.

Unlike the other Do U Knows, its perhaps not factual. Not factual???? Well thats because on the net I got to read different versions over who “attacked“. I wont pretend to be an expert on this subject. I came across this news report. And it was contrary to what I believed had happened. The essense of this post is to draw attention to that report and yes, mourn the death of soldiers.

AngelzFear max spark got it right:)
A NDTV report says
  • In October 1962, 43 years ago, that a small group of jawans set out on Jawaharlal Nehru's orders to cross the river and throw out the Chinese from the towering Thagla Ridge that India claimed.
  • New Delhi insisted that the MacMahon Line drawn by the British in 1914 was the Sino-Indian border in the east – a claim China rejected as a legacy forced on them by the British. But near Tawang in eastern Arunachal, India went beyond its own claim line.
  • Here, India also claimed the Thagla Ridge on the Chinese side of the MacMahon Line and occupied Khinzemane, also across the MacMahon Line where the Dalai Lama entered India when he fled from Tibet in 1959.
  • The last straw was when Nehru ordered the army to take up defences on the Namka Chu and then attack the Chinese on the Thagla Ridge beyond.
But perhaps these links offer a different versions
Bharat Rakshak
Hindustan times

Does it matter who attacked whom?
Does it matter if India went beyond its own claim?
Does it matter if its China and not Pakistan?

Well I know what definitely matters, over 4000 soldiers dead and the lives of over 4000 families changed forever.

earlier Do U Knows

Please not that

Muse : Never Never Never

Self : Muse, dont be a prude, sex is not such a taboo

Muse : But this is NOT about sex though it may be a sexual act.

Self : Then whats the problem?

Muse : Are you really that dumb?

Self : Sure I realise that its not dinner conversation and if we ever write about it, I wouldnt be passing the link to my friends and family. It could be embarassing..

Muse : Aaah so you see my point. Then why do you want to embarass not just you and me but also the bloggers

Self : For the simple reason that its not blogged about. And well, when oral sex is medium HIV risk, and when this is not harmful and when it can be more satisfying than intercourse, perhaps instead of promoting just abstinence, if..

Muse : Stoooopppppppppp. If you dont I will quit.
Aaarrrrrrgh I think it would be easier being Salman's PRO then being your Muse

Template Tales and Pic Pick

Its just so tempting, to change the template (in blogger)

I dont know if its just me, but I get bored to post in the same template.
And not just the templates, I pay attention to stuff like fonts too!

For those who think it probably reflects my personality, well it doesnt.
I can be comfortable with uncombed hair for a fortnight (Well after that others will get tooo uncomfortable with me:D)
But I cant blog for a fortnight in a template that I dislike..

Think I spend atleast 10-15% of my blog time on Templates..

Most sites like o3,sify,spaces,360 etc dont allow selfcoding, Well that just means change the template and try a new look..

After spending days, the last time I changed the template in blogger and rediff, decided, that it should be my last.
Well the only permanent feature in life is change
And the only permanent feature of my template I wish would be change..err customised change

Talk about judging a book by its cover, Do other bloggers care about templates and fonts? Sigh:( Am I too obsessed???
Well atleast let me change the profile pic today..

Mirror Mirror on the wall, which is the Best Blog Profile Pic amongst all? And reflects my personality to all?

1 ' 2 3 4' 5'

Nov 7, 2005

Blame Game

You have a problem but dont want to deal with it.
Yet the stupid people around you want you to deal with it and talk about it.
Heres a quick Blame Game Guide. (Since you already know the God, Stars, Weather & Pak/ISI ones havent included them)

1.Blame the opposite sex. (That ensures a support from your sex atleast. If they dont support you, call them Gay)
2.Blame the media (Everyone loves to hate the media. Dont do it if you are part of the media).
3.Blame the government (If your favourite party is in power, blame the opposition)
4.Blame the listener's enemies. (whatever the topic, always works)
5.Blame the transport system (Eg, I am addicted to porn coze the trains are slow and I dont get time for the real thing)
6.Blame the Boss (works outside office, dont be dumb enough to trust your colleagues)
7.Blame bureaucracy (Eg: I would contribute to Disaster relief but the bureaucrats wont disburse them properly)
8.Blame your parents (works with friends not with family. Eg If my parents were millionaires..)
9.Blame your religious beliefs (Works with almost everything, but depends on the other person's religious beliefs.)
10. Blame Bin Laden, that makes you a patriotic World Citizen and gives you License to Kill.

Well all the best with the Blame Game,
from cheating on spouse to being overweight,
from being addicted to porn to being addicted to shopping
from always being late to committing murders
This List should work.

If it doesnt, Dont blame me or this blog.

Whats blogging without blaming Saurav Ganguly?
We would have won the match but there was a Saurav supporter with his pic and the team got distracted
I am late because I was praying for saurav's return/non-return
I didnt file my tax returns since I was busy blogging about saurav :D

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