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Dec 31, 2007

New Year Threat

Statistics reveal that everyday over 200 people are killed in India due to drunken driving.

Perhaps not alarming like terrorism, but for the victims, it doesnt make a difference if the death had been due to an act of terror or stupid choice of driving by a drunken driver.

Let no one make that stupid choice on this New Year's Eve or ever.

Happy New Year to all Bloggers

Nov 29, 2007

Nudity vs Humanity

"It was one Bhagiram Barman, a local shopkeeper, who not only helped her with his own shirt after she ran for about half-a-kilometre but also handed her over to the police. By then, Chameli had been trapped in several cameras and numerous cellphones — and then on national TV. "

Half a km, to get a shirt? Whats more important, capturing nudity or showing humanity. When the police dont bother to do their duty, when citizens prefer to click use their cellphone or simply stare, perhaps its too much to expect journalists to show humanity.

After all, their job is to report the incident not prevent the incident. But would we expect the journalists to be professional, if it had been our sister or daughter or their sister or daughter?

When we are not against a crime, aren't we part of the crime?

Can't there be reporting without the camera. True, images have an impact, but if there is a gangrape during a riot, would it be ok to have live coverage and meaningless remarks about it being a shame, (if it involves a political party we dont support.)

I dont need to see nudity, even if censored, to express my outrage. I need to know how the victim is coping  and if the guilty have been punished.

Nov 27, 2007

Post Partum Oppression

Post Partum Depression is a serious illness, which doesnt get the attention it deserves. But Post Partum Oppression? Thats unheard...

Well its unheard because maternity is already a hazardous task. After all, when a woman dies every 1 minute due to childbirth in the world, and a woman dies every 5 minutes in India, it seems more hazardous than the streets of Iraq or Pakistan. And the mothers are not even the co-guardian of the child in India. An unpaid, thankless task, with few hours of sleep, the process of childbirth and the raising the child, if imposed on prisoners, would probably violate the rights, even under USA's interpretation of the Geneva Convention.
But thats of course not the real reason why no one has coined the word. Women figure they could become mothers and hence dont talk about it and while men would be excited to criticise women, they believe, there is a big difference between mothers and women.

But just because there are people out there suffering from tumours, it hasnt stopped some from cribbing about the headaches. So without wasting more time, hinting this blogger deserves an award for bravery for bringing it out in the open, lets talk about PPO - Post Partum Oppression.

1. Does it affect most women.
Yes and in some cases even the men.

2. Is it an urban or rural phenomenon
Who would read a blog post about rural phenomenons and floods and droughts? Of course its an urban middle-upper class phenomenon and it could Affect YOU. (If you are not yet an parent but friendly with someone who is about to become a parent).

3. OK get to the point. What are the symptons.
i.Photo Bombardment : Due to digital cameras and photosharing websites, its cheaper and easier to click and share pictures. That means all the friends and relatives are bombarded every week with baby pictures, which look pretty similar, but one is expected to notice the difference and discuss in detail (since chatting too is cheaper) the difference. This phase exists till the baby is old enough to run away at the sight of the camera.

ii.Baby Talk : The mothers believe, its your moral duty to socialise with their baby. So, dont be suprised if they ring you, and put their baby on the phone, even if you cant understand what the baby is raving about.

iii.Genius : For those who believe they have finally outgrown the a and b phase, be prepared for the my baby is a genius phase. The mothers get amazed at the reciting powers of the baby (It can say a,b,c,d!) and believe their little darling is a child prodigy.

iv.Shining Super Star : Parallel to the Genius phase, my son would be a star in future. (Either a film star or a cricketer.)Tip for the victims of PPO. Dont ask, "Maybe the child would be a star kabbadi player", unless you want to severe relations permanently. If its a daughter, the belief would be around beauty pagents. (Thats a decent and respectable aspiration unlike the film business). Tip for the victims of  PPO : Dont remark "If the beauty pagents are about brains not bodies, why do the promos always show the women in swimwear?"

v.The right to Break and Make Mess : Just when one believes, one has seen it all. The PPO enters the Right to Break phase. The parent believes, its child abuse, if you deny your credit card, remote control or anything you cherish, to the child. So be prepared to handover  your laptop and dont forget to grin, while the child plays with it. And if the child breaks your mobile or laptop, remark the child would become an engineer in future. As for the making mess part, a disciplined child is just a figment of your imagination. They havent figured out a diaper for the hands and mouth. So pretend its a priveilege to clean up after the child has crumbled, biscuits and chips all over your floor, dropped a chocolate on the sofa and inserted sticky wrappers among your important papers.(Hey be thankful the child didn't tear it up and demanded it be made into a paper boat).

vi.Your Preferences? Whats that? : You will be expected to stock the brands the child prefers and watch the TV channels the precious darling prefers, if you happen to live nearby. Tip : Dont be dumb enough to say, the American Paediatrics   Associations says the child shouldn't be allowed to watch TV till its two years old or junk food isn't great for kids.

vii.Sorry it doesn't get better : Does it get better when the child enters kindergarden? Unfortunately no. It just means you will have to listen patiently to nursery rhymes and endless comparisions with the class mates and help with the project work.

viii.Foodie : The child won't eat the right food. And be prepared to sigh and say its normal. Tip for the victims : Don't be dumb enough to suggest, hmmm the kids at the orphanage don't exhibit this behaviour.

ix. Fit or Fat : Parents hate it when their kid is called skinny (So you think they don't try to feed the child) and also hate it when their kid is called plump (Dont cast your evil eye on the food my child finally eats..). Therefore nod your head and go with whatever the mother says and say the child appears fine.

x. Grand parents are grand : If you think the grand parents would knock some sense into the parents, forget it. They would do anything to the spoil the kid, to get the kid on their "side". And forget the Dads. Worse than the Post Partum Oppressors or the "Diaper Dads" who imagine they are right out of the Raymonds ad, when they bore you with the number of diapers they change, everyday.

4.What can the victims of PPO do about it?
a. Break off the relationship.
b. Get a baby or adopt an baby and fight fire with fire.
c. Get a pet and mention its unsafe for kids to be around it. Tip : Start with a snake or a rat, not a doberman. (But be prepared to take responsibility if the pet harms the baby or vice versa).
d. Resolve you or your spouse wouldn't be a PPOer after you have a kid. Ha ha, just kidding
e. Pretend this is just normal, and this blogger is wasting your time and energy and making much ado about nothing.

5. So tell the truth, are you a PPOer or a victim of PPO?
Neither. I am in the 8th month and hope to fall in 4d category. But none of my friends or relatives have ever suffered from PPO. And if any of them is reading it, Please, Please do not make my kid a social outcast. I share your enthusiasm for your children and wouldnt dream of equating your enthusiasm for Post Partum Oppression.


Nov 17, 2007

Thankfully Just Two Shoes

Thankfully, I need just two shoes.

Do I need more than 2 shoes? I dont think so. Do I need two? Why not just one?
Er..Well there is something called vanity and something called comfort and since these two dont meet, I have two pairs. A Black Heel, and a comfortable uncool, skolls. So whats the big deal having Just Two? Well there are some advantages..

1. I dont spend much time wondering what I ought to wear. Lets assume I had 6 pairs, and I went out everyday and I spend 15 seconds everyday thinking, what I should wear. That would be 91.25 minutes every year, and if I live for around 30 more years..thats 2737.5 minutes i.e 45 hours i.e almost 2 days!.

2.And now to the time I could spend shopping for shoes. If its around 3 hours for one shoe and I buy perhaps 3 shoes a year, than in the next 30 years its approximately 270 hours and almost 11.25 days, phew !

3.And lets not forget the time I might spend,
i.  Checking and wondering, if my shoes look good and
ii. If it looks better than that of the person next to me
iii.And since most of them wont be comfortable, massaging my foot at night,
iv.Searching for them
v. Finding storage space for them (Not everyone has space, ask any Mumbaikar)
vi.Wondering which one I should take, if I go on a trip
I would end up spending a lot of time, over it.

4. And I dont have to buy a dress or a handbag to go with a new gorgeous pair of shoes.

5.I can break into a run, almost any time. (Since I will be wearing my comfortable one most of the time). And one never knows when one has to run, a fire, a rescue, a thief snatching a purse, to catch a bus which never stops where it should..or to escape a dog, even though its dumb to run from a dog.

Some might find happiness in having a shoe in every color and style, but for me, more the shoes, more would be the worries from them. And rather than feel good, when I look in the mirror or when I get a compliment, I choose to feel free, from worries and feel good about freedom.

After all, I may not be able to increase the length of my life, but why should I spend couple of days of my life, just on shoes...

So next time, you are tempted to buy shoes you dont need, think how easier life would be, if you were in my shoes:)

Oct 8, 2007

Marks not Manners

His parents hugged him and praised him. He gave them a smug smile. He would get a treat for his marks, tonight.

His mother hesitantly mentioned, their neighbour had made a complaint against him. The neighbour claimed, he had bullied their daughter.

"They are liars", he shrugged.

His father became irritated with his mother. He scolded her, for spoiling their son's mood. They were probably jealous over their son's performance, he said.
His mother looked at them, doubtfully. After all, this was not the first complaint against him.

He smiled at his mother and hugged her. She sighed. He was Her son. Surely, he wouldn't do anything wrong. How could a smart, brilliant child, be mean. She apologised and hugged him again.

He smirked, now the treat would be bigger.

His teachers and parents were proud and cared about his performance. He felt, he was entitled to his sadistic pleasures.

Reading :
Bhopal: Ragging turns into nightmare
'They would make us strip and dance and then would beat us up

Killer kids
The number of violent cases among teenagers that are referred to us has grown by three times since 2001," says Dr Rajat Mitra, clinical psychiatrist and director, Swanchetan, an NGO which provides psychological counselling to children affected by violence, trauma and abuse.

Big impact flipped Pluto on its side
Melosh had said this mechanism might have also caused Earth's Moon — which boasts the biggest impact crater in the solar system — to roll over so that the crater moved from the equator to the South Pole.

Motivation affects honesty detection
the more motivated a person is, the more likely he or she is to make mistakes

Mother's milk is first right of newborn, says Govt
Only 23 percent of the infants born in India are introduced to breast milk in the first hour of their birth and only 46 per cent in the first six months

Explosive theft: Everyone admits problem, no work on solution
"There has been a recurrence of incidents in which explosives are getting diverted from the manufacturing factories for unauthorised usage within India and getting lost en route, indicating that there is a review of the entire procedure of issue of licenses and also monitoring of firms dealing with explosives."

Stolen, no trace: Tonnes and tonnes of explosives
in just two years, 2004-2006, for which data collection is complete, the scale of theft is staggering: 86,899 detonators, 20,150 kg of slurry explosives, 52,740 metres of detonating fuse and 419 kg of gelatin sticks. 
 'Taliban' writ in Haryana village
The women folk aren't allowed to come out of their house. Many haven't travelled more than 25 km ever in their lives."


Oct 7, 2007

Forced Kiss is Fun

I dont know the literal meaning of "Ched Chaad", a theme in this week's Nach Baliye 3, (The mid-day says its mischief between couples). But its disgusting to think, its just fun and mischief to hit ball against girl's back (Pooja-Hanif). And ,eve teasing and molestation are not topics of fun and dance (Karan-Kavita), even if the victim is Rakhie Sawant. Its not easy to report molestation. But to add insult to the injury, one is supposed to grin when someone makes fun about it? Would the compere or the audience ask their sister to laugh at it, if they had been the victim? And leave alone outrage, we dont get even a murmur against it from the judges. Thankfully, I have a remote and continued to surf.

When mobs dont care about killing, perhaps, its silly to wonder why, ragging, eve-teasing or molestation, doesnt seem outrageous to all. And perhaps its sillier to brood, over the attitude that its ok to molest men. Many months back the media reported with a touch of amusement on a fan kissing, Dhoni.

So there we have it the rules of Kissing :
Kissing is fun and fine, even if forced, on some women and most men.
But kissing is not fun, if its between consenting adults in public, and definitely not fun, if the man happens to be a foreigner.

Oct 2, 2007

Just a Social Problem, Not Repeat Rape

A 14 year old girl in Malda, protests against her marriage to a 75 year old man, the authorities shrug off with the message, its a "social problem".

Even though rape is not an offense legally, within marriage, its going to be rape emotionally, for the child, and not just once. And anyway Child Marriage is an offense legally.

Its wrong for teachers to humiliate children, but its ok for a man to repeatedly rape a child, in the name of marriage?

Yet the authorities are able to shamelessly shrug it off with a "social problem" statement and  and can be solved only by "social awakening".

Oh when will we wake up?

Sep 30, 2007

Where Were You

She knew she was supposed to feel happy and excited. Neighbours and friends filled their house and there was an impromptu party. Tears of joy ran down her parent's cheeks. Everyone wanted to be photographed with her and kisses were showered on her cheeks. Perhaps I am numb from joy, she dejectedly thought. She heard her father taking credit for the battle she had fought.

Few months back, in the first round of another singing competition, she had been eliminated. And she remembered their harsh reaction, to her blunder.
They had called her a loser and had scorned her aspirations. It had hurt to lose in the competition, but nothing matched the hurt, of being disowned. The shame she felt, when her parents, said they were ashamed of her. Surely there was more to her than her performance?

Perhaps its tough love, she reasoned to herself. But wouldn't it have been wonderful, if they had been there for her, even when she lost, she wondered.

Its not the time to think, just enjoy the moment, she told herself.
Yet, wished, those around her would, love not just the victory, but also herself.
Failure is an orphan while success has many fathers,she realised, as she smiled at everyone who had gathered.

Yet, she wanted to say, Instead of just giving me this wonderful toast,
Where were you all, when I needed you the most.

was to be posted on September 26, 2007

Sep 19, 2007

Path of Ram Part 2 - Just Two

Whats the difference between members of Al Qaeda who kill those who don't believe in their God and those who killed two humans today to express their support for the Ram Sethu? The numbers of course. Terrorists kill Thousands, after all its just two..

Yeah two doesn't mean a thing, unless, its you and me.

PS : Hey Ram, what a U-turn! Sethu project was BJP's baby

Sep 17, 2007

Path of Ram

Her colleagues wouldn't have believed she believe in the path of Ram, since her cubicle didn't have pictures of Ram. Her friends wouldn't have believed she believed in the path of Ram, since she didn't often visit temples of Ram.
Yet she believed in Ram, & tried her best to follow the path of Ram.
It wasn't in her mind, the perfect, divine, always right, path. Just the path of a prince, who attempted to take the right path.

With dreams of wedding yet no idea, of the meaning of marriage. She didn't hesitate to turn down a proposal at an young age. The groom a known NRI meant for her a settled life and home. But for dowry, she didn't want her parents to sell their home. Her brother had requested her consent with tears in his eyes. But she didn't shrug her duties, because she wasn't a guy.
Even when none existed to question the choice of comforts
She couldn't accept the right choice was her comforts.
Even when Bharat pleaded,the comforts of kingdom didn't equal the honour of forest, to Ram.
Rejecting Comfort, choosing conscience, she choose in her mind, to follow The path of Ram.

Few years later her family was split into two. She doesn't belong to our caste or status her parents screamed. But her brother insisted the maid was the girl of his dreams.When you have reservations against reservation , why have reservation against intercaste marriage she dared to ask. And her sister in law, in her support & love basked.
Boatman Guha was also another brother of Ram.
Rejecting Caste, choosing conscience, she choose in her mind, to follow The path of Ram.

It was tough at work to be upright and ignore bribes. But tougher, when inspite of being right she was asked in her personal life, for bribes. Yet she dared to take on those with power.Even when they threatened her & her lover.
Vanar Sena was enough against powerful demons to Ram.
Rejecting Cowardice, choosing conscience, she choose in her mind, to follow The path of Ram.

Work was important to her, but on an important day, she was late at work.
When around an accident victim, others simply gathered and stared; without worrying about legal hassles, she dared to stop and care.
Jatayu's last rites and not just search for Sita was important to Ram.
Rejecting Callousness, choosing conscience, she choose in her mind, to follow The path of Ram.

And finally one day a family banged on her door.Hoping against hope to escape the gore. "Their people killed Our people" shouted the mob.That’s an excuse not a reason to kill, she tried to reason with the mob.
Evil deeds of brother Ravan, didn't affect the goodness of Vibhishan to Ram.
Rejecting clan concepts of evil, choosing conscience, she choose in her mind, to follow The path of Ram.

She was therefore killed in the name of Ram.Though she had tried to live in the path of Ram.
Even an Unfair death didn't make her question Ram.After all life had not been fair, even to Ram.
Many choose the path of flowers sans thorns,
And ignore the pricks of conscience.
But without qualm she ignored the pricks of thorns,
And picked the path of Ram, her conscience.

Sep 1, 2007

Some Deserve to Die

The mother weeped, over her dead child.
But before we grieve we must perhaps know
How the child died..

Was the child kidnapped and murdered by friends?
Or a victim of drunken driving?
Or perhaps washed away by the flood waters?
Or did the child die of a disease, due to contaminated water?

Did the child die because the doctors were unavailable or on strike?
Or because the terrorists decided to strike?
Did the child due to its religion, caste or gender?
Or just one among the 7000 Indians who die EVERYDAY from hunger?

There might be financial compensation in some cases
There might be extensive media coverage in some cases
The child could be the topic of drawing room conversation in some cases
People would, think the child deserved to die and doesnt deserve an outrage in other cases.

Many ways for a child to die
But before we grieve we must know how it died
Unless it could happen to us, they perhaps deserve to die
Though the grieving mothers, wonders, why my child had to die..

PS :Shameful condition of children in Mumbai’s Aarey Milk Colony went ignored. A child died of hunger and more deaths will likely follow because of the desperate poverty in this semi-urban suburb but for some reason this does not bother us

Voice of India

I am disappointed by Toshi's early exit in Amul Star Voice of India.
The mute button on my remote had been working overtime
And its one of the few programs on TV, I watched and listened:D

Its easy to blame the voters, but lets not forget the voter's profile.
When multiple votes are allowed, its not about wooing the audience but the right audience.
How many Indians can afford to vote online or through smses,
When 836 million Indians live on less than Rs.20 a day
And who cares for the real Voices of India

PS : Pity I had cast only one vote for Toshi.

PPS : People have been performing yagnas for a contestant from Indore! What next?

Aug 27, 2007

These Superstitious Lazy People

She started to wash the vessels, after dinner. He was torn between the TV and her. He increased the TV volume, went into the kitchen and stood near her, as a show of support. "What happened to the maid?" he grumbled.

She sighed, "She wanted to visit some Godman and so, she won't be coming tommorrow. And I won't have time in the morning..."

He snorted "Why do you employ these kind of people?"

She shrugged and said "Well, she is fine otherwise .."

He growled "These Superstitious Lazy People! They want to believe all their problems can be solved without hard work! Illiterate and stupid ..."

The news anchor on TV mentioned the next news, would be about a starlet's sensational problem. "Well if you can manage here, I will go and wear that belt and watch news."

"Belt?" she queried.

"Yeah, today morning, the Tarot card reader on the news channel said, I would be successful if I started something new today. So I purchased the belt advertised on TV. You know, no exercise and no diet, yet fantastic weight loss.."

Aug 21, 2007

Why did She feel Guilty?

It was a strange email. She stared at the sender's id, it was a new one.

"Do the following, on the next Friday, to bring prosperity and happiness to your family.

1. Cook what you love the most, even if your family dislikes the food.

2. Watch your favourite program on TV for atleast 30 minutes, even if the entire family, wants to watch something else.

3. Buy something you love, for yourself, even if you dont need it.

4. Insist that other family members cook your dinner for you and clean the kitchen after dinner.

5. Wear what you like the most, even if your family members dissaprove.

6. Get something for your parents.

7. Have contact with a friend, you had, before you got married. Meeting personally would be more beneficial, but if thats not possible, talk over phone or send an email.

8. Take care of your feet. Ask someone to massage it for you or get it done professionally.

9. Don't let anyone who abuses you, get away with it. Remember on that day, they are abusing the Goddess Lakshmi, who will be within you. And if you put up with even verbal abuse, they will have to face the wrath of Goddess Lakshmi.

10. Forward this email, within a week, to all the married women you know, from a new email id.

Do not discuss this email with your family or friends. It would take away all the benefits of this cosmic order given by Yogi Shri Jyoti Narayan, a devotee of Goddess Lakshmi. And your family would have to face the consequences of your indiscretion.

If you fail to follow the instructions, bad luck would fall on your husband within 5 days. But if you follow it, your family would experience prosperity, within 5 days. And Goddess Lakshmi would reside in your home, forever".

She stared glumly at the email. What would her mother in law think about her? What about her husband and children?

If she went ahead with it, her family would think she was selfish and would disapprove of her. Perhaps she should delete the email and forget about it, she thought. But hadn't her grandmother said it was important for girls to be unselfish. She decided to follow the instructions.

Later that night, after brooding over the email again, just as she was about to fall asleep, a small voice within her wondered, "Why did she feel guilty, over taking care of herself?"

Aug 20, 2007

Aargh Diaries - Wives aren't Women

On my way to the pantry, stopped near a female colleague, who had been talking a lot, about how she gives her son everything he wants, blah, blah, blah..

"Why do you want to ruin your son's life by giving him everything he wants instead of everything he needs. Now he is going to think its the duty of every woman in his life to take care of him and agree with him. And what kind of relation would he have with his wife; who wont live upto your standards in his eyes? And if she has a boy, she is probably going to express her resentment by giving your grandson everything he wants and getting the male approval from him, continuing the cycle.."

and hurried away before she could throw a heavy file at me, into the pantry to hear Mr.C say "Well, wives aren't women".

Since motherhood was on my mind, couldn't resist asking "So Mr.C, your mother wasn't a woman or wasn't a wife?"

Logically legitamate but socially, it makes you feel as if, you are working in a freezer, in the Artic, before global warming era.

I dont understand why women have to be idolised in one relationship
and demonised in another relationship
Whats the big deal about women
Why not just treat her as human.

Hmmm, atleast I have achieved equality at work
The men and women hate me, equally.

A kind colleague whispered, "How can you abuse mother, don't you realise its against our culture.."

A married mother isn't a natural guardian or atleast a co-guardian of her child, and a divorced woman had to go to Supreme Court because the RBI would let her open a fixed deposit in her child's name..

And we have women dying every 5 minutes in our Mother Worshipping Nation, due to childbirth and
a mother in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or Pakistan has a better chance of survival than the Indian mother. But losing to them on Maternal Mortality Rate isn't as important as losing our men's cricket team, losing to their cricket team.

Please! We care more for Munnabhai, than the Indian mothers.

Well I dont enjoy working in a freezer, so nodded quietly, with apparent remorse to the colleague's comment.

PS : Thankfully Munnabhai's bail plea has been granted, and the office is busy discussing him, bailing me out of my, "Mother Mess".

Aargh Diaries is a fictional series and Aargh is an Anonymous, Annoyed, Reasonably, Good Human.

Aug 8, 2007

Hindus will Hang

Hindus will hang - their heads in shame,
if Criminals justify Crime, in Hinduism's name
Irrespective of religion let justice be the same
If we dont stand up, we are also to be blamed.

Aug 7, 2007

Silliest Yet Best

The silliest yet best invention in my life at the moment - The Mute Button on the Remote Control.

1.I dont have to listen to the ads. (The Best invention would be the remote which recognises the ads and surfs automatically for a channel without ads and with sensible content. Heard they have already made the remote but are unable to test it due to lack of a channel, it can switch to.)

2.I dont have to listen to film stars saying the latest movie is equal to Hollywood standards, blah, blah, blah

3.I dont have to listen to the news and then wonder, why I hear about the floods in Bihar from BBC and not the Indian Channels.

4.M factor - I dont have to listen regarding Monica Bedi,Munnabhai,Mahesh Bhatt, Movie song cricketers celebrated their victory with etc.

5.Ex-cricketers criticising current cricketers for anything and everything.

So whats the Silliest yet Best Invention in your life.

Aug 4, 2007

Munnabhai LLB

If the colours of our Flag were to be changed for artistic reasons, there would be an outrage.If the tune or the lyrics of our Anthem were to be changed for artistic reasons, there would be an outrage.Yet when our laws and legal procedures are misrepresented in movies and serials, there is just an audience.The first thing they teach you about law - "Ignorance of law, is not an excuse"Yet not just the vast illiterate population, even the literate are ignorant about the law.The purpose of cinema is to entertain, but we seem to "know" about law and sex, only through it.

Its amazing to hear people say, Sanjay Dutt has suffered.What about the illiterate millions, who are stuck in a whirlpool called our legal system.They dont have access to good lawyers, and its not easy to wait for decades and take days off to attend courts. And they cant afford to visit the Supreme Court or High Court, if justice is denied in lower courts.

If the Arms Act is so unfair, why not attempt to change it?Sanjay Dutt has had a parent and now a sibling in Parliament.What have they done to make the legal system better.Instead of voicing pain over just Sanjay Dutt.

Why doesnt the film fraternity, attempt to make a difference to our legal system?It doesnt have to do much.For starters it can just stick to the truth when it comes to depicting laws and legal procedure.Instead of creating its own laws.

It might seem a trivial issue.But it just makes me sick, when I see these misrepresentations.Forget the leaders, "ordinary" people gave up their lives and lifestyles for our freedom.And doesnt the concept of freedom include, our own laws?

We need a revamp, throw out the outdated laws, speed up the procedure, and leave alone more courts, let there be no judicial vacancies.But for a revamp to happen, misrepresentations must stop and awareness of the reality must begin.Tragically instead of expecting the lawmakers to take the initiative, I wait for a, Munnabhai LLB.

Jul 25, 2007

Boss Rules

Life Rules re Boss :
1.The previous one is always better than the present one. (Even previously).

2.The Boss never recognises your hardwork ,even if the Boss recognises, the Boss will do nothing about it.

3.The Boss never thinks you work for money.

4.The Boss thinks, your personal work is just an excuse to not work late or on weekends and the Boss's personal work, is just part of your job description.

5.The Boss arrives early, just on the days you arrive, late.

6.The Boss hardly works and expects you to work hard.

7.The Boss will recommend to the management to hold a routine meeting in Europe (with family), but will not understand why you need a raise of Rs.500 after 5 years or a day off when your family member is sick.

8.The Boss will convince you things will change, when you get a better opportunity. Even if you escape, you will realise better opportunity doesn't mean a better Boss. (Refer Rule 1).

9.The Boss will tell you to do 54 things at a time. And the last thing you do, would have been the most urgent one.

10.The Boss expects you to start working, just when you think you are done for the day.

11.While communicating to the management, the good stuff, you did were due to Guidance from Boss. And the mistakes you made, (because you did as you were told), are Yours forever.

12.The Boss will tell I told you so, even in situations, when you think, I told you so.

13.The Boss will volunteer for additional responsibilities, from the management, on your behalf.

14.The Boss will always criticise you, in front of the colleague you despise and, or your subordinates.

15.The Boss will expect you to do the dirty work and take responsibility if it back fires, and even go to prison, if required.

So the above stuff is pretty obvious. How does one handle the situation?

1.Accept, Accept, Accept. Life is not meant to be fair. And the Boss is supposed to teach this valuable Life Lesson to you.

2.Be Thankful, if your Boss, is better than the Boss mentioned above.

3.If your Boss is worse, maybe you should think about being independent.

4.Forget the Boss, when you finally get some time of your own. Its pointless to waste more precious minutes of your Life, on something that can't change. Never Brood about Boss.

5.Hope, that one day you can be the Boss.

6.Dont pray for you to become your Boss's Boss. Its likely to be granted by Life. You will be still be prey to that personality. And its worse being bossed by your subordinate.

7.Praise the Boss, even for the silliest reason. Its not what you say, but how you make the Boss feel. And dont be dumb enough to criticise the Boss, directly. If you want to disagree, make it appear, the dumb suggestion, would have been suggested by another colleague, to trap your Boss into mistakes. Make it a Us vs Them situation.

8.If you can, praise the Super Boss (the Boss of the Boss), to the Super Boss, in the absence of your Boss. But never criticise your Boss to the Super Boss. (The Super Boss doesnt care about the Boss, You or the Company).

9.Never think, this is all I need to do, to please the Boss. Many believe the request list of a single Boss, is bigger than the size of the Universe.

10.The Boss will always come across any nasty stuff you mention. Unless you are the Boss, never agree with this Blog:)

PS : If you want to Blog about Boss, dont forget to check out these tips.

Jun 25, 2007

Peacock without Feathers

Usually the peacock would be the center of attention at the park. Children and parents would squeal in delight, when it would dance for them, spreading its fine, faboulous feathers. But this weekend, he shied away from the crowd. He had lost his feathers. He felt reduced to a zero. Who am I, without my feathers, he moaned to his peahen. She tried to console and comfort him. After all, people watched her too, when she had no feathers. But used to the adoration and amazement, he cut her off with, she would never understand what he felt like, anyway.
"You dont know what it feels like to be loved and then dumped" he said, angrily and walked off in a huff, to another corner. "Well you dont know what it feels to be loved" said another voice.

Startled, the peacock looked around and realised it was a dog. "Just because people paid attention to your feathers, doesnt mean they loved you." "Oh yeah, you think beauty is not important to humans? Don't they hate caterpillars yet love butterfiles?" asked the peacock, irritated.

"Sure its important. But if people just loved beautiful people, then all their leaders would be only beautiful people and beautiful people wouldn't have been dumped or divorced. After all, if only beauty counted, how could the "other woman" in Prince Charles life be a woman uglier than his wife and older than him? What is important is not whether you look good, but whether you make the other person Feel Good. And if you think you are technically beautiful, you will probably think you dont need to make the other person feel good, and they should feel honoured to be in your prescence and thats not the best way to make a person love or like you.."
The peacock stared sullenly, perhaps, dreaming of the lost glory, or perhaps praying for a miracle, which would restore his glorious feathers.
"Imagine you being a pet. After seeing your dances daily, wouldn't the owners become tired of you? Won't they want something more from you? Won't they want you to make them feel special? Well we dogs, know how to do it. And we make them fall in love with us, with a small tail. What you wont be able to do with your fine feathers."

"Instead of sulking over people not searching for you, or paying you attention when you don't have your feathers, why don't you reach out to them. And see how they respond to you. Beauty might fetch you few compliments and make you feel good for some moments, but why don't you smile at people and make them feel good and feel the difference forever.." encouraged the dog.
"Why should you care about how others feel about you?" asked another voice ..

It was the cat on the wall. "Do you need people to like you or respect you?"

The dog and the peacock stared in amazement, at the cat. "Instead of aiming to please everyone you meet, why don't you realise, the only person, who really counts in your life, is you. And if you are happy with yourself, you are bound to be a better person to others. Sure it feels good to be adored and admired, but shouldn't you feel good about yourself even otherwise?"

And instead of waiting to find out if they agreed or disagreed, the cat walked away.
She may not have been admired like the peacok, or adored like the dog, but she generated her own happiness and didn't depend on others to make her feel happy. She loved her life, and lived her life, not caring whether others thought she had a wonderful life. If she wanted a reason to smile, she had it from her freedom from fears of being disliked or disowned. She needed neither feathers nor a wagging tail.

She realised that as long as she wasn't a rat, which people thought messed their lives, she could be free and have fun.

She didnt aim to be anyone but herself, and people respected her for that. She didnt worry about lost favours since she relied on herself not just her image. She was happy with herself, and therefore happy with what she got from others, for being herself.

Later that night, the peacock danced alone.

He was suprised to discover it could be fun,

even sans feathers or fans.

May 10, 2007

He took good Care of his Hair

He took good care; of his silky, wavy, hair.
And everyone loved him, and his hair.
No, not talking about Sanjaya from American Idol.
But about a guy, who said "Urgh,Sweaty head! Helmet, I wont wear"

Today, around him people gathered and gasped,
No broken bones, yet on the road, dead.
Mothers hurriedly closed their child's eyes,
Since his brain had spilled, out of his head.

He cared so much for his hair..
Why didnt he care for his head?
Instead of caring for the silly hair on the head
If only, if only, he had used his head..

May 9, 2007

Mob Maniacs

Instead of surveys on who should be leaders, perhaps we should have a survey on whether the participant will be a murderer, in a mob. The results of a survey can be controversial, but surely it shouldn't result in murders and mayhem.

A Leader gets a negative verdict, burn buses and girls..
Another leader isn't mentioned as the people's favourite in a newspaper's survey, burn the people who work for it...

Decades back a political workers gave up lives and lifestyles for their leaders and country, to get us democracy.
Today its all about killing others and damaging public property, and mobocrazy.

Its not just one or two political party,
but has become the culture of the politics.

When, just when, will people realise that ballots speak better than bullets?

Want to support your leader, canvas during elections.
Frustrated for your leader, take that out by giving something good back to the society. Even out a road, take out the garbage, hand out food, or just give away water.

Why shed blood
When you can give blood.

The politicians wont wake up
But let atleast the voters can wake up.

Violence is sensless and stupid,
do we need a survey to prove it?

Another Personality Test

Enneagram Test Results

Type 1 Perfectionism56%
Type 2Helpfulness90%
Type 3Image Awareness66%
Type 4Sensitivity26%
Type 5Detachment76%
Type 6Anxiety90%
Type 7Adventurousness40%
Type 8Aggressiveness66%
Type 9Calmness70%
Your main type is 2
Your variant is social

Re. The Jung Test, I took the test around6-7 times and other than the T factor, everything varied each time..:D

May 7, 2007

Thankfully Bush is a Guy

Thankfully George W Bush is a guy

1.If a woman had tried to steal the Florida vote, inspite of not winning the Popular Vote..
Every woman on the planet would have been termed opportunisitic, cunning and manipulative. (Oh I know right now, thats what, most guys think of women (except their mother). But still, the small walls of political correctness would have crumbled heavily.)

2.The 9/11..
It would have been assumed, women are incapable of protecting and leading a family, leave alone a nation.

3.If she had not caught Osama..
It would have just meant, she didnt have the will power or the maturity.
And she probably spent too much time on make up and shopping, like women all over the world.

4.Iraq War..
Iraq war would have happened?? If a woman had been the President,wonder if the Americans would have called the french fries, "freedom fries" so quickly.
If it had been Hillary they would have called her Hallucinating Hillary, and asked her to get more proof or wondered if it had something to do with control issues at home. And perhaps Tony Blair would have become a bigger joke, for supporting a, woman.
And women would have been labelled, insecure and paranoid cratures, who stupidly want to express aggression by engaging in an expensive war with a powerless dictator.

5.No Weapons of Mass Destruction..
It would have meant women , are liars, who are to be never trusted.

6.If a woman had said, its ok to hold people as prisoners without trials..
That would have just meant, she was a coward, who didnt have the guts or any material to prove, anything she said, or did.
And all women would have been viewed as dictators, who are to be never ever given power.

7.Patriot Act..
(And now a couple face 20 years for kissing on air, under Patriot Act, ) Women make stupid rules that bring shame to our nation.
Sigh, isnt it obvious, Women Crave Control.

8.Katrina aftermath?
A message from nature - women are poor leaders by nature.

9.War funding Veto..
Just proves women are stubborn and refuse to acknowledge the message from the nation.

10.Not caring about the Environment inspite of the 8 years warning..
Women are clueless on priorities and dont know whats good for them, leave alone the world.
(On the contrary, Thankfully even Al Gore and John Kerry's are guys, if a woman had lost and had done an "Inconvenient Truth", or wrote a book on environment "This Moment on Earth", that would have been distracting the people by talking about the environment, when people should focus on terrorism.
And it would have also meant, women are clueless on priorities and dont know whats good for them, leave alone the world.)

A foolish guy means just a foolish guy.
A foolish girl means, no girl can be smarter than a guy.
When he "won", I cried and wondered why
Now I am thankful for Bush being a guy.

Update : I think these beliefs might have become popular beliefs. I may be a donkee, but I am not stupid enough to believe all men would believe it. I think many men and women would believe it. And for that matter I could have replaced this post with Obama with perhaps few word changes. Bias is not exclusive to one gender or race, or group. Thanks Ketan for pointing it out.

Apr 30, 2007

Visually Challenged Pilot

Few days ago, came across this comment in response to the article "HC gives blind student raw deal" in ibnlive. "..Who would never want a half blind person to operate on any of their loved ones. Tomorrow we will have a news item saying "HC gives blind person a raw deal by not allowing him to be a pilot.." We have to understand that we cannot allow everyone to do everything."

Hmmm, all doctors are surgeons?
And dont we already have a visually challenged doctor in India?(Dr.Anka Toppo)
And as for the pilot part, was delighted to read this headline today - Blind pilot flies halfway round world

PS : Hilton-Barber, who has been blind for 25 years, hopes the trip will raise some two million US dollars for the charity Seeing is Believing, which works to cut the incidence of preventable blindness in developing countries. In 1999 Hilton-Barber completed the "Toughest Foot-race on Earth" -- 250 kilometres across the Sahara Desert -- before running in the "Coldest Marathon on Earth", the Siberian Ice Marathon. He has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Blanc, Africa and Europe's highest mountains, and set the Malaysian Grand Prix lap record for a blind driver in a 200-kilometre-per-hour Lotus.

Apr 29, 2007

Culture, Pets & PDAs

She didnt want him to waste time and told him to get to the point. The point of the Emergency meeting of the Highly Honourable members of the Executive Committee of the Residents Association, with the residents. "No Samosas" he grumbled. She glared and said I dont care.

"Regarding pets and PDAs" he summarised. She sighed in relief. Atleast it was not a rule about maids being paid less, to work in less homes. (For the curious, the rule remains unchanged, uncared and ignored).

Relieved and yet curious, she asked "What and Why".

He hesitated and then said "The president saw our neighbour hug and hmmm, express PDA, with his dog, yesterday and realised its against our culture and could be against the law too."
"You mean people shouldnt kiss and hug their pets in public?"He looked alarmed. And stared suspiciously at their child, who was watching TV. Since he didnt have the energy to argue with their child on leaving the room, he beckoned her to the bedroom.

"How could you say Kiss, in front our child" he asked annoyed. "Pleazzzzzzzzze the child, watches the news. Anyway, give me more details."

"Well yesterday our president came across an owner kissing his dog in public. And since thats not part our culture, the Executive Committee Members thought they will send out a strong message and protect our children from the cultural invasion. After all the children might see people kissing their pets and think why not kiss people too and their mind would become polluted."

"And are we allowed to watch movies? Do we have to lock our children away before watching TV" she asked..

"Thats our private decision as parents, but the Association has decided to be responsible and protect our cultural values".

She complained,
"Is it part of our culture to get continous media reports about kilos of henna used in a marriage, when 7000 Indians die Everyday from hunger?
Is it part of our culture to moan about endorsement deals of cricket stars while not caring, if an official gets Rs.3 crores as a bribe, for one deal?
Is it part of our culture to burn brides or kill the girl child before birth?
Is it part of culture to have the largest number of child labourers or have 5 lakh children enter the commercial sex trade Every year?
Is it part of our culture to have 47% of children below 5 years underweight or let 50% of the children without even primary education?
Is it part of our culture to eat biscuits & chips loaded with transfats and harm the God given body?
Is it part of our culture to dump this earth with plastic bags?
Is it part of our culture to zoom around in cars and then complain about extreme weather?

Is it part of our culture to complain about Valentine's Day and rush out to buy platinum on Akshaya Trithi?

Guess after no PDA, the only thing that is part of our culture, is making sure women dress up so that men's biological instinct is repressed. Biological urges! Humphf! Elephants, donkeys, birds, bees, and every other creature on this planet, seem unperturbed when their female counterparts are nude, whats so special about men.."

She paused to inhale.
"Why are you getting upset, when we dont have a pet.." He asked perplexed.
"Well I am just sick and tired of people defining culture for their own convenience. I am going to vote against this President in the next election."

He smiled and said, "Well many of us feel the same.."
She looked amazed and said "And I thought, part of the culture, was to never question or care!"
"Of course we care! They collect a ransom for maintainence and dont give us anything to eat. We are going to vote en masse against this group, unless.." he paused, thought and then added, "the President manages to get some TV coverage on us being a Culture Conscious Complex."

Apr 18, 2007

License to Kill

Vaguely in my dreams,
I saw a man shooting..and people dying
He doesnt care, said a voice within me
As I tried to focus and asked who gave him, the license to kill

Is he a soldier, killing people who might be insurgents
Is he a patriot fighting off the invaders
Is he the hero in an action movie
Or just a character in a video game..

Or perhaps you are trying to fool me,
I told tiredly to the voice in my dream
He could be a photographer shooting, the hungry
After all hunger kills more than anything or anybody

But why do I try to make sense
When all I feel, is just sadness
Over dead dreams
And the dead in my dreams.

Let me not dream of the disturbed cowards
Who send out an emphatic message, I dont care
Let me dream of the brave, who attempt a small difference
In this hard, cold, world, dare to care ..

Apr 14, 2007

Ashamed of your Mother!

He closed the door after the last guest, and turned to his family with a smile. It had been a fantastic party. But his family members didnt smile. His wife had a cold stare, his father an angry glare, and his mother simply looked away."Why didnt you introduce your mother to everyone? You have become big and now ashamed of her?", his father, growled.
He stared stunned, unsure of the reply. (Or was it better to just be quiet?)

His family silently, started, to clear the room. He stood still and tried to clean and clear his mind.
He bit his lips and sighed. It had been intentional, but he hadnt thought of it as insulting his mother. Was he ashamed of his mother? He knew he shouldnt be ashamed. Yet that was not what he had felt at that time. And yet,if someone had asked him, how felt towards his mother, he would have said, he adored her..

With fear and hesitation, he went up to his mom. "Sorry ma, I was wrong to feel ashamed, but that doesnt mean I dont love you."

His mother simply hugged him and said, "Well I know, I am not perfect.."
He stopped her with "Ma, I adore you and you know, I wish, I could be perfect too, but.."

Pefection in action
Is not the expectation in Love.
And, patriotism is love for the country
Not perfection in love for the country

Post No.358

Apr 8, 2007

They Dare to Make Money!

"So what happened at the meeting", his wife asked eagerly.

Of course, the minutes of the emergency meeting, held by the Highly Honourable members of the Executive Committee of the Residents Association, with the residents, would be put up on notice board tommorrow, but who read those, anyway?

He replied, "The first 45 minutes was spent on thanking the various committee members, and the last 20 minutes was spent on comparing the samosas of the previous month with the samosas of this month. By the way, I think, the samosas were better last month."

She snorted and gestured to him, to get to the point.

He stretched his legs, closed his eyes and imitated the President.
" and now lets move on to the main agenda. All the members unanimously felt the maids are making too much money. (That was the Cue for nods)

And we have decided to take strong action against them. (The Cue for claps).

Henceforth the maids can work for only 3 flats. (The Cue for loud cheering)

Even if they have time at their disposal, to work for more flats, they can use that time to put in more hours for free, at any of the 3 residents flats. We have decided to cut down on their bonus and slash their salary by 25%. After all they should take pride, in doing their duties and working for us. (Cue for standing ovation and hot samosas)."

"And you didnt say anything against it? Since you are not an executive committee member, we wont get the best maid. What happened to the concept of freedom and free market." She asked horrified.

He replied smugly, "Honey, do you think the maids will agree to it? Unlike some men, the maids have more freedom and can form an association and fight, and say its their time and their discretion and if their performance is below par, the employer can fire, without putting a cap on the hire." .

She nodded and then added, "If only someone would tell the politicians and government officials, they can take only 3 bribes per year..."

Apr 4, 2007

A four letter word called Hurt

He came back after the appraisal, feeling hurt. In the past, he would have come out of the office, all smiles. Colleagues, would have smiled back and asked for a party. But this year, it was different. The two decades of good performance didnt matter, the latest project had been a disaster. The smiling, back slapping boss had changed into a frowning cold Boss. And the colleagues, smelling a loser, pretended to be preoccupied.

He had given his best, to the company and it had benefited. True he had earned his performance bonuses, which had taken many times, even his breath away.
But the money had not immuned him from feelings.

He had been a symbol of success, but that shouldnt mean, he shouldnt feel a thing now, right?

He accepted responsibility and could accept criticism of his approach and methods. But just couldnt accept criticism of his commitment and attitude. Didnt people realise, that more than the money, the success of the past projects had meant a lot to him.

Why couldnt they realise, he was human. Why couldnt they realise, the gut wrenching pain he felt, not just when they lost the project, but when he looked up to them for support and understanding.

He wondered which was more unrealistic. Others expecting him to be a Superman or his expecting others to understand he was human.

It hurts when you dont achieve the goals. And it hurts more when others let you down and you realise you are just a money spinning object to them.

He knew they would be back, if he succeeded again. That made him more determined. But somehow, it just couldnt take away the hurt.
Deserted, he walked alone to his seat,
Thirsting for a respite from the heat,
Like a traveller in a desert.
Oh a four letter word call hurt.

Apr 3, 2007

Fools Day

When 7000 Indians die from hunger, Everyday
The media's concern seems to be, whether Sachin should stay
Fool's day was day before yesterday,
Or Everyday?

Mar 24, 2007


Can there be anything more outrageous than the "performance" of the Indian (men's) cricket team? Please! We lost to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh! Never mind if we lose out to these nations when it comes to boring concepts like maternal mortality rates. (We worship mother thats enough, who cares if a pregnant woman has more chances of being alive in these nations, than in India.) Hey, lets not forget, we are always (thankfully) better than Pakistan. (Never mind, if we care more about being better than Pakistan in cricket, than about the soldiers who have faulty artillery.)

We expect our cricketers to put in their best, but never expect any politician or government official (or for that matter ourselves) to give the best ALL the time or even most of the time. We find the amount cricketers get from endorsement deals outrageous, but think corruption is "practical".

7000 Indians die Everyday from Hunger. Yet, we still lament mainly about the Men in Blue. With this kind of attitude, our future, seems bleak and blue. Why care so much about a World Cup when there are citizens who have to worry about a Cup of Food.

Whats the point in wasting our time, watching the endless analysis? Surely we have better things to do, with precious minutes of our lives. Of course it would have been nice to win, but lets not lose our perspective.

Outrageous? Yes. But who is being more outrageous?

Feb 3, 2007

Aargh Diaries - Gadgets and Chores

Yesterday received an email : "My wife thinks, gadgets are not enough, and I need to put it in more at home. Please dont tell me she is right, just let me know if you can think of any excuse I can give."

I replied"The best excuse/reply an Indian husband can give is "My mother and my grandmother didnt have what you have and yet managed.." Your wife would want to seem better than them and would be more err..self reliant."

Later I sent 27 smses asking him, if he had succeeded and got no response.

Now I have received an email from his office."Thanks to your brilliant idea, I am now without my, mobile, laptop, ipod, and car, since my father and grandfather, didnt have them and still managed to live"

Hmpf I dont know why he is complaining, after all its easier to live without these gadgets than to help with the chores everyday..

Posts in the Fictional Aargh Diaries Series Post no.351

Aargh Diaries - Color and Water

Mr.C is upset that Water has been shortlisted for the Oscar and not Rang de Basanti. He is upset that a film which talked about people like Bhagat Singh has been upset by a film that potrays the situation of women in India in the 1940s, in a bad light.

Stupid of me perhaps but I tried to reason with Mr.C."Mr.C, even today, a woman who has lost her husband isnt treated like a man who has lost his wife, so the film isnt unrealistic.

Water had characters, all Rang de Basanti had was heros killing politicians and then saying in the climax, "Sorry". It had no practical solution like participation in politics as in Yuva or even a dialogue like "You have to be in the system to change system",as in Page 3".

Its not fair to ignore the role of almost 50% of our population. While in Water there were good and bad men and good and bad women, in Rang De, women were simply passive.."

An outraged Mr.C replied "But what will the world think about us?"

"Hmmm, why should we worry about what the world thinks, about the widows in India, when we dont think about them. Why should we worry about Rang de Basanti not getting an Oscar, when we prefer to only moan and not do anything, about corruption or dirty politics?Instead of caring about Rang de Basanti not getting an Oscar,Why not care about Widows in India, not having Color in their life?"

Angrily Mr.C said loudly "You are so unpatriotic" and stormed off..And now others are looking at me suspiciously wondering if I am a terrorist.

Aargh Diaries is a Fictional Series.
Posts in Aargh Diaries Series
Post no.350

Jan 17, 2007

Precious Boy - II

There are many men, who cause despair
But there are still men, who to be different, dare.

Many men and women, might find him abnormal,
Because he thinks women too are human and normal.

He can emphatise with sufferings,
Even if its, by a woman.
Though the culture around him, says he is superior,
He still thinks ,culture is just a circumstance, and none are inferior.

He is not a superhero or a filmi hero,
But the next door, unappreciated hero.

Who doesn't think, its none of my business
When a woman is in trouble and needs help.
Who gives her voice, even when its not his wife,
or any other woman, in his life.

There may not be a woman,who hasn't been groped
But that doesn't mean, all men have groped.

For him, its not so tough to emphatise with her plight
Its just as simple as being in a bathroom, without a lock.
Constantly feeling insecure over the insecure door,
realising, anytime,anyone would open the door.
The quest for freedom, privacy and space,
Which isn't being the right, of half the human race.

Is it such an impossible wish?
Do such men exist in real life,
Can men and women live without strife?
Does Every man think, he can treat any woman as his wife?

While I despair over the, "Gropeway of India" on New Year 2007,
I still respect and remember a Hero who gave up his life,
To prevent an unknown woman, from being molested on New Year 2003.
Bapi Sen, to this world and to me, you will always be a Precious Boy .

You sent out the message loud and clear.
Being a man doesnt stop you from being a human.

It won't be my dead son, but you,
If God gave me the choice of bringing back a life,
Not because I love my son less or think he isn't precious,
But because you gave up your life, to improve for few minutes, a stranger's life.

Jan 10, 2007

Precious Boy

He walks around with his head in the air
And hands in search of flesh to fondle

The women might find him sick yet normal
But there is still a woman who finds him precious.

He is the reward for her sufferings
He will fetch a fair price in the marriage market
To sleep with him, and look after him, a woman would pay
So why bother respecting, women, anyway.

And she needs him emotionally and financially
So why tell or think he can be wrong

Lets find an excuse, to justify his acts.
Even if its a misplaced dupatta,
lets not ask if he would have groped his mom,
if she had a dupatta missing.

Can someone please find a woman who has not been groped.
Can someone please find a woman who has always felt safe.

Is it so tough to emphatise with her plight?
Its just as simple as being in a bathroom,
without a lock, constantly feeling insecure over the insecure door
realising, anytime,anyone would open the door
Little bit of space, little bit of privacy, hey in this wide wonderful world
Is it really a lot to ask?
But why ask for the men to emphatise, when dear mothers forget.

Lets tell these mothers, that being a mother
doesnt mean you should stop being a woman and human.
Let every harrassed woman take a vow
They wouldnt let their children stoop so low.

Atleast lets not allow the victims of injustice
To be the carriers of injustice.

A new low with High

Yesterday I was preparing an investment matrix and had to match the Instruments with the Investment goals. I had analysed all the instruments for investing and written the 10 Investment goals one could have. And now it was a simple job of writing, High Medium and Low, on the matrix.

Half way I stare and pause at the word, High. High is a word? Did I mean to write Height. Is it a spelling mistake? Wont I appear a fool if I wrote all the wise things about financial planning and came with a nonsense word?

Does the Word "High" exist, I ask myself. And realise I just dont know. Its not frustrating or irritating. Just a dull feeling of acceptance. I cant remember and its probably a word which doesnt exist. Next time I would try to google or use the spell check. But its hard many times to question what I accept.

Its tough enough when the dreams are crystal clear and the memories vague, spending 10 minutes every morning, wondering what I had dreamt, and to correct my memory. To put it simply, if I wanted to make a phone call, I would probably dream about it, and the next day, continue to believe I had made that phone call:D, unless I remember, that it was a Dream.
How important is memory? Is Life better as a moment, or a memory?

Perhaps I would enjoy life more, if its just a moment.
But I still prefer the memories, for reasons I dont remember at the moment :)

Forgetting High might be a new low for me,

But when the potential in everyone is infiniteI still believe,
I can reach for the sky
Inspite of the lows, can reach new highs.

Jan 8, 2007

Aargh Diaries - 100 Rupees Raise

The coffee was fantastic,
But I couldnt enjoy it.

The 53 year old looked eagerly, at me
Would he get atleast this year
A raise?
Rs.100 would be wonderful.

I pretended to be busy with the coffee
Then looked him in the eye,
And shook my head..
Thinking,sometimes its better to be dead.

He tried his best to hide his disappointment and be cheerful.
And I walked back to my seat, woeful.

Hey we arent in Software or BPO
And we have 14 branches all over India.
And if we increase his salary
what about the other office boys?

That would be a major policy decision,
And since he is not in sales,
we can afford to lose him.
And even though he works hard,
At this age, it would be tough for him,
to find a new job.

Yet I had pleaded with my Boss
who had pleaded with her Boss, our Branch Manager
And who had made this extraordinary request
To the Vice Presidents, in their annual meet.

Surely we should understand,
the company is not doing well
When for the annual meet, instead of France
The executives settle for, Greece..

Aargh Diaries is a Fictional Series.Posts in Aargh Diaries Series
Post no.346