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May 10, 2007

He took good Care of his Hair

He took good care; of his silky, wavy, hair.
And everyone loved him, and his hair.
No, not talking about Sanjaya from American Idol.
But about a guy, who said "Urgh,Sweaty head! Helmet, I wont wear"

Today, around him people gathered and gasped,
No broken bones, yet on the road, dead.
Mothers hurriedly closed their child's eyes,
Since his brain had spilled, out of his head.

He cared so much for his hair..
Why didnt he care for his head?
Instead of caring for the silly hair on the head
If only, if only, he had used his head..

May 9, 2007

Mob Maniacs

Instead of surveys on who should be leaders, perhaps we should have a survey on whether the participant will be a murderer, in a mob. The results of a survey can be controversial, but surely it shouldn't result in murders and mayhem.

A Leader gets a negative verdict, burn buses and girls..
Another leader isn't mentioned as the people's favourite in a newspaper's survey, burn the people who work for it...

Decades back a political workers gave up lives and lifestyles for their leaders and country, to get us democracy.
Today its all about killing others and damaging public property, and mobocrazy.

Its not just one or two political party,
but has become the culture of the politics.

When, just when, will people realise that ballots speak better than bullets?

Want to support your leader, canvas during elections.
Frustrated for your leader, take that out by giving something good back to the society. Even out a road, take out the garbage, hand out food, or just give away water.

Why shed blood
When you can give blood.

The politicians wont wake up
But let atleast the voters can wake up.

Violence is sensless and stupid,
do we need a survey to prove it?

Another Personality Test

Enneagram Test Results

Type 1 Perfectionism56%
Type 2Helpfulness90%
Type 3Image Awareness66%
Type 4Sensitivity26%
Type 5Detachment76%
Type 6Anxiety90%
Type 7Adventurousness40%
Type 8Aggressiveness66%
Type 9Calmness70%
Your main type is 2
Your variant is social

Re. The Jung Test, I took the test around6-7 times and other than the T factor, everything varied each time..:D

May 7, 2007

Thankfully Bush is a Guy

Thankfully George W Bush is a guy

1.If a woman had tried to steal the Florida vote, inspite of not winning the Popular Vote..
Every woman on the planet would have been termed opportunisitic, cunning and manipulative. (Oh I know right now, thats what, most guys think of women (except their mother). But still, the small walls of political correctness would have crumbled heavily.)

2.The 9/11..
It would have been assumed, women are incapable of protecting and leading a family, leave alone a nation.

3.If she had not caught Osama..
It would have just meant, she didnt have the will power or the maturity.
And she probably spent too much time on make up and shopping, like women all over the world.

4.Iraq War..
Iraq war would have happened?? If a woman had been the President,wonder if the Americans would have called the french fries, "freedom fries" so quickly.
If it had been Hillary they would have called her Hallucinating Hillary, and asked her to get more proof or wondered if it had something to do with control issues at home. And perhaps Tony Blair would have become a bigger joke, for supporting a, woman.
And women would have been labelled, insecure and paranoid cratures, who stupidly want to express aggression by engaging in an expensive war with a powerless dictator.

5.No Weapons of Mass Destruction..
It would have meant women , are liars, who are to be never trusted.

6.If a woman had said, its ok to hold people as prisoners without trials..
That would have just meant, she was a coward, who didnt have the guts or any material to prove, anything she said, or did.
And all women would have been viewed as dictators, who are to be never ever given power.

7.Patriot Act..
(And now a couple face 20 years for kissing on air, under Patriot Act, ) Women make stupid rules that bring shame to our nation.
Sigh, isnt it obvious, Women Crave Control.

8.Katrina aftermath?
A message from nature - women are poor leaders by nature.

9.War funding Veto..
Just proves women are stubborn and refuse to acknowledge the message from the nation.

10.Not caring about the Environment inspite of the 8 years warning..
Women are clueless on priorities and dont know whats good for them, leave alone the world.
(On the contrary, Thankfully even Al Gore and John Kerry's are guys, if a woman had lost and had done an "Inconvenient Truth", or wrote a book on environment "This Moment on Earth", that would have been distracting the people by talking about the environment, when people should focus on terrorism.
And it would have also meant, women are clueless on priorities and dont know whats good for them, leave alone the world.)

A foolish guy means just a foolish guy.
A foolish girl means, no girl can be smarter than a guy.
When he "won", I cried and wondered why
Now I am thankful for Bush being a guy.

Update : I think these beliefs might have become popular beliefs. I may be a donkee, but I am not stupid enough to believe all men would believe it. I think many men and women would believe it. And for that matter I could have replaced this post with Obama with perhaps few word changes. Bias is not exclusive to one gender or race, or group. Thanks Ketan for pointing it out.