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Jan 8, 2006

Good news or Bad news

Its good news for those who reach for headache pills after reading my blogs/comments.
Its bad news for those who read my blogs/comments to avoid sleeping pills.

Its confirmed. I have to leave tonight for an one month trip to Chennai.
Will be back on 9th Feb 2006. So wont be blogging much though will be reading your comments.

And now I am worrying about what I would do
if there is a hijacking (nothing, just pray, I am wise donkey, not Harrsison Ford in Air Force One. And since I dont believe that hostages should be exchanged for terrorists etc, guess just prayers for me.)
if there is an accident (scream)
if there is an earthquake (during take off, landing and when in Chennai), well who said, there wont be an earthquake where I am today, hmm some consolation. (But here its the groundfloor easier to run out). But I hope there isn't an earthquake especially when I am with the dentist and there is some equipment in my mouth (Am I the only one who worries like this?)

I just hate travelling. It could be air,water,rail, road. Other than the bicycle, everything is just a strain on my nerves. While I can live happily in any city town or village. Even if it means no net or TV, I just hate the thought of travelling.

Thankfully everyone isnt like me, otherwise nothing would have happened in this world. Though wonder what would have happened if none had travelled to USA. Hmmm who would have been the superpower.

Who cares. I have to worry about myself. Last year I tried the logic of hey even earth is in space, but no one worries about the earth going for a freefall in space. So why worry that an aircraft would have go spiralling down. This didnt help. Just that it has made me wonder what will happen if the earth alters its movements and instead of revolving around sun, starts going downnnnnnnnnnnnnn (See I dont like to take things for granted:D). One more thing to worry about and fear about. And its no consolance if it happens for the first time (in case of earth) or the upteenth time (in case of an aircraft). What happens , happens, I guess.

2006, isnt that kind to me. This trip and then another one in March. Ok enough of cribbing. For those who would miss the blog and yet missed some posts, here are my favourite links. I dont want anyone to get addicted to sleeping pills.

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Not Psycho A Psychologist When I mentioned in my comments that I happen to be a student of Psychology, thought I better clarify some points:)

For 2006, well just scroll down and try your luck.

Bye:) And I will be back:)

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Jan 7, 2006

Aargh Diaries - The Borrow Sorrow

Got an email from a friend.
Aargh what can should I do? My friend didnt return what I gave. I feel miserable. Please advise.

So emailed back.
Dear ...,

Let this be a lesson. Dont lend. If you still want to lend, lend it without expecting it to be returned.

Well this is a quick guide on What to Do When your Best Friend Borrows and doesnt return or says its Lost. What matters is not the price of your item, but its value. Even if you didnt care much for it earlier, Even if it costs less a Rupee, it was yours, and you expected it to be returned. And when it doesnt happen, you have every right in the world to be upset. And want to do something about it.

1.Keep borrowing the friend's stuff. And return them the next day. The purpose of borrowing is not for you to use it, but to scare the friend into thinking, what if it doesnt get returned and its a tit for tat. And to make the friend feel guilty when you return it promptly.

2.Buy what has been misplaced, and give the friend the bill. Might seem the sensible option. But life is not about doing whats sensible, but what feels good.

3.Talk about the case in, Texas USA where one friend sued another for not returning a book and won $15000 in emotional damages. No big purpose, just would make the friend guilty and be thankful for not being born there and being aware of a factor called Emotional Damage.

4.If its a lost CD or Book or anything which has a name, whenever you meet your friend, wear a Tshirt with that name. For variations, wear another Tshirt which says "The Mystery of the Lost ___".(Fill the name of your precious object in the blank, dont leave it a blank).

5.Blog about it. Write about the loss of faith and loss of trust when something that is yours is taken away for ever. And get another friend to send your friend that blog link. And if your friend confronts you with it, say, you will blog about it again if you get it back. And point out your friend could be the symbol of being better late than never.

6.Mention that you will be on TV next week, and they will be asking you about your friends. After a minute, ask if there is any chance of you getting back what was yours and precious to you. Hopefully your friend wouldnt want you telling on TV to the world, that he/she lost what was precious to you and perhaps would search seriously this time.

7.Ring up the music channels and the FM channels and start dedicating songs to your precious item. And say solemnly, you miss it so much and life is so tough, because it was your friend who lost it. Refuse to name your friend, though. Do it every week. And of course life would be wonderful, if your friend watches or listens to that program.

8.Challenge your friend, by saying, I dare you to find that precious item, exactly within 6 hours 23 minutes and 12 seconds

9.If sms is free, SMS "Good morning, did you find it" atleast once every day. Or send ecards which say "Have a great day and hopefully I can have a great day tommorrow, when you finally tell me you found it."

10.Always be aware of the dates regarding the precious item. The date of buying, the date of lending, the date of being first told its lost, and today's date. Whenever you reach any of the anniversaries, dont forget to celebrate it with your friend.

All this may not ensure you would get back your precious.
But atleast next time your friends would think twice about losing something that is yours.
Of course if the friends decide to dump you, fine, who wants friends with people who dont return stuff.

All the Best

Got the 2nd email. I expected a warm thank you email. But all it said was -
"Aargh I am confused. I gave my heart to my friend..."


Aargh is a fictional character.
More from Aargh Diaries Series . Blog Post No.262

Tag - 2006 Top Ten

Top 10 things to do in 2006.
Tagged by saaya. Actually I didnt have a Top 10, but anyway, I think this would make sense.

1.Thank Bloggers
I thought blogging would be dull after not being able to blog in o3. But actually it became better from last month. Thanks bloggers, especially for the Do U Know participation. It keeps me on my toes. Special thanks to all the o3 bloggers who consistently come here and dont mind the word verification. (Actually a post is on the way, on it, the problem is finishing it)

2.Stop checking o3 support blog to see if they have solved the problem.
They said after Diwali, its probably Diwali 2006. So dont waste time scrolling through the comments.

2.Stop creating or logging into O3 account
It doesnt work. Logging into it is a waste of time.And trying through 7 is enough. Any more would be spamming Indiatimes.

3.Spend 4 hours a day for blogging
Stay at home blogger might be fun. But part time blogger is better, for self.

4.Stop thinking that many bloggers could read the "Indian Sports minus Sania minus Narain"
The mainstream media isnt dumb. It knows what readers are interested in.

5.Start studying
From Today not weeks before exam. And blogging is not studying.

6.Drink 8 glasses of water.
So what if you couldnt do it last year, doesnt mean you cant do it again.

7.Talk softly
Thats a tough one, but atleast try it. Sometimes the message can be more important than the volume:)

8. Plan for it
Its not enought to think I will do it, Plan for it.

9.Dont give up.
If you fail once doesnt mean you cant do it, try to do it again.

10. Keep it open
You may not figure out everything in January, it could come in December, there is always room for improvement, keep it open.

Tag the first 5 people who want to be tagged.:)

Jan 5, 2006

India on Balochistan

India should know better, it has no right to talk about Balochistan.

After all its not the USA which can say who form the axis of evil, and attack presuming there would be WMDs and also not forget to taunt the French for not supporting it.
(Btw is it French Fries or Freedom Fries now in USA?)

After all its not the Pakistan which can support terrorists and claim they are freedom fighters. Which can hunt for Osama and yet encourage LeT. And talk about Kashmiris but conveniently forget the plight of the Pandits.

How dare India say "it noted with 'concern' the heavy military action in Balochistan and Pakistan should 'exercise restraint' and address the grievances of the people of the region through peaceful discussions."

Pakistan will continue the action against tribals and nationalists who are agitating for autonomy in the province, till the ‘writ’ of the government is established there . But anything and everything India does to establish its "writ" is human rights violation.

After all these statements can cause "pain".
And Pakistan in the past has been so considerate of Indian Government's "pain".

So nauseating.

It would be nice if Pakistan teaches by example, how a country should mind its own business.

And perhaps we should be grateful that US has not yet condemned our "interference".

Have updated the Do U Know-Indian Army Faulty Artillery with the answer.

Jan 4, 2006

Something in Braille

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Got the idea from google:) So thought of writing a message in Braille to celebrate Louis Braille's Birthday.
And if you think deciphering the message is tough, well there are some tougher things in life for some tougher people:)

Jan 3, 2006

Do U Know - Indian Army Faulty Artillery

According to a report submitted by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in Parliament in December 2005,
Since 1999 imported arms, ammunition and equipment worth Rs 1,221 crores have been found defective.

No one got it right

Some other points mentioned in the article
Helicopter detecting radars worth Rs 159 crore failed to function properly.
Rs 303 crore worth of ammunition, weapons, and multipurpose boots acquired in a hurry during the Kargil operations were sub-standard
Also nearly 15,000 rounds of ammunition - worth Rs 14 crore - are lying unutilised because they are defective.

Search Engines allowed. Answer on Thursday
Previous Do U Knows

Blog Post no.258

Bihar Moving

India Shining : Huh
Incredible India : Hmmm
Hum Hain naa : Please Pleassee, stop being so sweet I am going to become diabetic

Wait, what did I watch now on the BBC (BBC coze they dont have shrill anchors) - Bihar Moving

Its not about an earthquake
Its not about migration
And its not about Rabri family moving out of the Chief Minister's Residence

Its some kind of investment in Bihar campaign, complete with Nitish Kumar appearance.

And leave alone justice to people burning, it would be nice to have no caste kitchens for Police.
Bihar Moving campaign,
So Moving.
And please stop smirking:)
An update Bihar Moving is not the campaign slogan, yesterday saw Bihar Caring (again on BBC) and the ad obviously had another clip of Nitish Kumar.

Post no.257