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Apr 20, 2005

Uprooted & yet, waiting to blossom

So India lost an oneday cricket series to Pakistan. How terrible na..
What could be worse? How about when you dont have a country to cheer?
Of course in our case, at the moment, it would be, no team to curse:)

I read My Kind of Exile by Tenzin Tsundue, which won the Outlook Picador Contest in 2001. Perhaps you had read it then, but then guess its better late than never for me.

If you havent read do read it. Or should Tenzin Tsundue bomb or kidnap innocents, to get attention?

The bud was about to blossom, to its glory
But just before it could spread the petals and enjoy the spring
It had to be uprooted .
And so the bud, still waits,
to blossom, in a land of its own.

Click on the link to read the essay Now


  1. have not read that book as yet, Will surely try to read it....hope the bud gets is land soon :)

  2. moment its not a book,just an essay and i have given the link in my post

  3. i read the essay, using the link in ur blog...very touching....makes me feel blessed and happy for the things I have life....

  4. WD, I sure can identify to a certain extent to the feelings in the essay. Gives me a lot of things to think about and ponder....

    Thanks a lot.

  5. sray:) even i could and hence posted it immly as a blog.

  6. i read the article. good one !
    but i have always wondered as to the importance of the concept of nation.
    correct if i am wrong, but isnt a country
    just a symbol of some (bloody)ruler's
    reign, some act of greed!
    what purpose does the concept of nation
    serve other than for administative convenience. it seems stupid to see countries killing each others soldiers
    for a piece of land for which they have no other use than to flame peoples enmity
    towards others.

  7. Kalpesh:)
    honestly, if the Indians who gave up their life and lifestyle protesting agst the Brit rule, could see how India would be 50 years from now, would they have gone ahead and fought?
    has the oppressor just been replaced for many? tough questions.

    i think what one should realise is that freedom is not the goal, but means to a goal. and self rule even if symbolic is better than rule by "another".
    and i agree on war and the piece of land part

  8. i was not referring to any particular
    country,leave alone india.the reason for the existence of most countries
    would be the one that i mentioned.
    thats why i often feel why should one
    profess to be a patriot, especially when one did not have any choice to choose his nation.

  9. kalpesh,
    well though not logically convenient, perhaps as you urself pointed out, administrative convenience..

    patriotism, religion etc can be misused or channelised for better individual development. i wont blame them but definitely question their implementation..

    the countries which fought 2 wold wars on opposin sides are now part of one europe. perhaps in the long run, boundaries would become immaterial.. but till then agree with you many suffer and die.

    btw i had posted a quesiton in ur blog, on which post u had commented in one of my earlier blog posts in blogspot.

    u had mentioned it as a good post without comment few days back. i got the copy of the comment in email, but no clue on the post :)

  10. i'd replied on my blog.
    anyways i was referring to the post about dating,etc. found it interesting.
    may try it sometime!!!!!!!!!1

  11. loved the essay.. have tibetian friends who feel the same.. this person has just expressed what they feel ... SIGH...

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