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Apr 12, 2005

Vertically Challenged Cricketer err Tendulkar

Muse : Write something new. The Indian Women's cricket team has lost the final 2 days back and your blog looks tremendously out of fashion.

Self : You are suppose to inspire me. But you are too busy watching men's cricket.

Muse : And what are you doing, while typing this post arent you sneaking a glance at Tendulkar's batting.

Self : Speaking of Tendulkar's batting, I was thinking perhaps I should do a post on being sensitive to challenged people's needs.

Muse gawking and gasping : Tendulkar is challenged?

Self : Well he says he is vertically challenged and hence has problems with sight-screen.

Muse snorting : Another delay, in a delayed match. Shastri was right, he should just come earlier and mention where he wants the sight-screen. For that matter Shastri was again right, when he said, why should others worry on where the sight-screen should be as long as it is according to specification. If Tendulkar is unhappy, thats his problem. I am tired of seeing Tendulkar guiding the sight-screen in every 2nd match.

Self limbly : Well he says, only he faces that problem because he is vertically challenged.

Muse : He probably faces some advantages for being short, (dont ask me to be politically correct), so will he give up that?

Self : I dont know, whether he would have been a better or worse batsman if he had not been V Ced. Or whether if the umpire had said no changing sight-screen, he would have got out next ball or scored less, but ultimately what matters to me is not the sight-screen but the joy I get in Tendulkar's batting.

Muse a bigger snort : You wouldnt have said this if Afridi had done the same.

Smart retort from Self : You wouldnt have said this if you were Tendulkar

Muse : So shall we go back to the post

Self : Ha Ha this is the post

Muse shocked : What nooooooooooooooo. Not another post on cricket. In 6 months you have posted more than 100 posts and each on different topic. But you (due to me) havent covered a topic twice. But 4 posts on the theme of cricket, (without counting your earlier 2 posts related to it) is just toooooooooo much.

Self : Well when cricket is on, I cant think of much and anyway there is a Do U Know tommorrow, so this wont be on top for long. And this can be an intropspection on should we be more sensitive to the needs of challenged people in all walks of life. Whether we should care if buildings should have ramps, and see if we need to redesign to make it easier for challenged persons.

Muse : I fail to see the connection between your post and thought. It would be different if you wrote a post on Cricket by Visually Challenged or if you would have written a post on how tough it is for Vertically Challenged men to find dates:) (You write on how many men expect fair brides, how about on how many girls expect husbands to be taller than them)

Anyway Tendulkar has scored a fifty and cricket is interesting. Post whatever you want, and let me enjoy my cricket.


  1. Yup you can certainly do a post on how girls expect their hubbies to be taller than them :) I love platform shoes and I usually wear a min 2.5 inches high one. Hence always wanted my hubby to be taller than me by about 3 inches. Since I'm 5'5", I wanted a guy who was atleast 5'8". Call it being unfair to the vertically-challenged if you will :-p

    Luckily for me, Sri is almost 5'11", actually more than I asked for ;-)


  2. deeps :))
    well you are not the only one :D

  3. Well whatever you say, short people have some advantage ( e.g. Sachin, Gavaskar, Maradona) which makes them successful in many sports like football , cricket ( batting ), weightlifting , table tennis etc..

    and yes girls look for taller husbands sister is facing the problem cause she is so tall for an indian girl ::D


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