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Apr 8, 2005

Kidding - World Cup Wish 4 Indian Women's Cricket

Dear Diary
I hope the Indian Women's Cricket team wins the World cup in the final against Australia.
Then atleast they might come more on TV
and people will realise girls can play cricket too.
Now Mummy Papa say if I play cricket I will lose my complexion
and no one will marry me.
And at school though there is a boys cricket team, there is no girls cricket team.
And I dont know with whom I can play and practise.
If I play with the boys no one takes me seriously
And many think its just an excuse to be with boys.
(Mummy Papa get angry and say this will affect my image too).
So hopefully they will win.

But even if they dont win, I will not give up.
After all these players would have started playing a decade back
And they would have faced the same problems
But they didnt give up, did they?

A 14 year old girl.

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  1. :) g3,
    I am with you..but sadly the only sport where women's section recieves as much attention as men is d that too because of non-sportive reasons (remember Anna ?)..things need to change..but first women need to come out of their stereotyped image of non sportive sex....expecting men to do this for them is not going to help..

  2. Ha,that was a goodone gaytri:)

  3. Ah, you still are bloggin, eh?
    good, good.
    Thought you had disappeared from the blogging world. Havent seen too many comments from ya?
    o3 out of your radar huh?

  4. oh, as for the post, well it needs visibility surely. But it also needs a grassroots movement, somewhere - gurls throwing shot-puts or javelins or running marathons is deemed ok, or gets encouragement but gurls playing cricket doesnt.

    more importantly very few do play.

    If they do win, and it gets headlines, I think its somewhat going to be like the Sania Phenom.

    I remember reading about USA suddenly taking up soccer -guys that- cos the Women won it.

  5. Good luck to the team!

    But seriously, in a country where men's cricket dominates over every other sport, it is really unlikely that this feat would even be a front page news (I would like to know which indian papers put this news on the frontpage) :-(.

    And all these feeds into the perception that women cant play sports, or do anything that can make the country proud. I would be surprised if any of these ladies get even 1/1000th of what the male cricketers get (money/fame/media, you name it).

  6. spark i agree its silly to blame it on men or sponsor etc.
    But as usual i do hold a grouse agst media:D it should could have got headlines, when the team enters finals but Indiatimes and even sify !! sadly lets India down.
    Anyway for me it comes to encouraging all the girls i come across to enter sports.

    Neelima :) thanks

    W I had written in my blogs shifted to blogspot. and if u chk plenty of blog posts durin this period :) O3 too distractive so comment only in few blogs:)

    Well wins like Sania and if women win on sunday will definitely help :)

    sray well hopefully when they win, a big deal will be made out of it. not just for the win, but for their tenacity to hang on to the game inspite of the probs they would have faced. but then there r other games and sportspersons who cant compete with men's cricket... just hanging on and winning can only make the difference and perhaps over time, can get more of the spotlight:)



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