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Apr 27, 2005

Do U Know - Tuberculosis

An infectious disease caused by a bacterium
There are about 2 million new cases each year

India accounts for nearly one third of prevalent cases globally.
It kills nearly 500,000 people in India each year.

In India,
Each day, 20,000 get infected and 5,000 develop the disease
Each year 18 lakh people develop it, of whom 8 Lakh are infectious
More women die due to it, than all causes of maternal mortality put together (India has one of the highest maternal mortality rate in the world and every 5 minutes a woman dies due to childbirth).

This disease is Tuberculosis

Sray got it right.

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  1. aids for sure! :D

  2. I think u'd have made a very vicious teacher ;) always asking questions whose answers require so much work to find out and makes the poor reader fell un-informed and illiterate :-) how about a few hints next time ?

  3. Eddie:))
    Sorry that you find me it tough.

    Well Do U Know is supposed to belong to Awareness category and well, good for you if you come across something new right?

    Re.the hints well just keep in mind

    But if its of any consolation to you I wouldnt have get many questions right if I dont visit these sites:D

  4. Yipeee I got it right :D:D... do I get a prize?!

  5. hey the "post a comment" link wasnt working last night ..else i also wld hve got it right :(

  6. sray, err knowledge is the prize:D sorry didnt know it wasnt working last night, otherwise i would have extended it , better luck next week:)

  7. :)) no prob .. anyway if knowledge is the prize - then i already have more than that i can handle :D B-)

  8. it is a very nice website man.. rocks. They are doing very good to all human beings.
    Three cheers to team.


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