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Apr 6, 2005

Required homes for 5 pups

A fellow blogger in Bangalore has 5 pups and wants to find them homes.
For details and pics of the pups visit Click here


  1. Well wisey,
    Seriously when I was reading your blog I dont know how but i thot u were somebody from Mars. May be your name..."Wise" was a big culprit here I guess...Though no offense meant...I worship wise girls cuz there are very few of them...But even when I was reading your blog I must say the amount of solid knowledge you have about subjects and the subjects u wish to choose are so not feminine...
    Good job wisey.....Keep it up and please pardon me if u got offended in any which way...

    PS:Thanks for your belated birthday wishes...I appreciate that...

  2. Hey no offense at all! And you are not the first person to tell that :)

    Its just that I neither prefer Barbies nor G I Joes :)

    Huh I prefer the emphasis on Donkee, and those who know me on the blogs call me that.

    Wise is just too stressful for a donkee like me to live upto. Though just because I am a donkee doesnt mean I should be a donkee all the time ,so attempt to know some stuff :)

    Please dont have any high expectations from this blog:)

    You are welcome and on wishes and next year will remember it on the date :)


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