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Apr 19, 2005

Polls - 6 match ban on Saurav Ganguly

Earlier Appeared on Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Cricket - 6 Match Ban on Ganguly in
Shifted to this blog with comments.

Six match ban on Indian Captain Saurav Ganguly is
1.Good Riddance
3.Racist (huh??)
5.Unfortunate, but Ganguly had it coming
7.The rules need to be reexamined
8.Dont Care

Whats your take :)

Ganguly banned for six ODIs - Rediff

I would vote for 7 here is why

Hmmm Inzy seems to think its harsh

# posted by wise donkey at 8:26 AM 11 comments

AngelzFear said...
If i could make a combo 5 and 6,
only one option 5.

It was harsh, but Ganguly had it coming....but then rules are rules....
10:58 AM
Dinesh said...
I'd say 5.
11:07 AM
wise donkey said...
angelzfear dinesh :)
11:24 AM
Sray said...
I would say 6. People should remember that his batting performance is a separate issue here.
8:24 PM
wise donkey said... guess anyway he will play the 5th odi :)
11:23 PM
Anonymous said...
5, 7.
possibly 3?(not sure).

seriously, why should people give a shit about half an hour's extension?

IMO, only if the game extends by an hour - and due to the fielding team/captain's actions should someone be penalised.

I know about all the crap of TV time being cut et al, but I dont see how it should matter.

a billion eyeballs versus a million? I would gladly take the former thank you.

Very few places would you see that Cricket has eaten into what a billion other people *might* want to watch - if they do, it inevitably wont clash.
11:47 PM
w said...
oops, that was me.
11:47 PM
vyuha said...
ofcourse it has Harsh .. uhh which option was that !?
11:43 PM
wise donkey said...
harsh , the no.6 one
12:13 PM
vyuha said...
yeah , ok 6 , thanks gaya :) - u know i hve a bad short term memory :)
12:18 PM
wise donkey said... :d
12:28 PM

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