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Apr 2, 2005

Kidding - Win With a Wail

Dear Diary
I wanted pizza.
(Because I saw a Pizza ad on TV)
Mom said no.
I cried.
She still said no.
I cried more.
Dad came into the room.
Mom explained why I was crying.
He said he had a headache and scolded her for making me cry.
I kept on crying.
He got angry and he hit me.
I decided to cry more.
Mom and Dad argued.
I screamed.
They got tired with my screams.
They took me out.
They ordered pizza and burger and also french fries.
And wiped my tears.
And told me to be good and get good marks.
I said yes and smiled as I sipped the softdrink.
Its so easy to win with a wail.

A 6 year old.


  1. LOL, were you good, and got good marks?!

  2. :D
    well many brats today would probably call me stupid.

    I was boringly good but didnt get good marks in all subjects either :D

  3. xxx here
    This was funny WD, reminded me of my school days

  4. Unfortunately i never got a chance of wailing and getting away with what i want:)))))My mom was so strict that when she used to say NO that would be the end:(((((( orelse she knows how to handle it,bhaaaaaaaaaaa,nope,she never hit me,but she used to stop talking to me and that did the trick:)))))oh,how i wish i was a brat,but never was one:((((

  5. :) neelima, funny thats what i do with kids, i dont yell , just stop talking and a glare and that does the trick most of the time :)

  6. I never knew about this trick when i was child :( kid are a lot smarter these days

  7. Gaya's Glare !! Gaya , i dont think the idea is to scare the poor child away :D

  8. I tried it a couple of times when I was young... didnt help at all! Had to spend the night without dinner :-(.

  9. :D
    no it doesnt scare them from me, just from that behaviour.
    u have a point though, i try to smile at them ASAP, whenever they do something even remotely ok :)
    agree its imp to let them know the glare was for the behaviour and not the smile for the child :)

    yeah kids are smarter or parents or dumber :D

  10. oh, I never got away with my mother, she knew these tricks...but dad was vulnerable with these pranks.:)

  11. Gaya : never cried so I never got anything . Was good in studies , great in sports and was in my own world ( I still am )

    SO If a kid cries in fornt of me he/she will get what they want ( provided I can afford it ;)

  12. :(( shady
    ur a brats dream then:D

    ur childhood seems similar to mine except the great in sports and good in studies part :D
    (well the one world applies even now and i certainly didnt wail:D)

  13. This is really nice and interesting!


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